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September 2014

Why Scratching Posts Are Important

 by danielle on 30 Sep 2014 |
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Scratching posts are such a common tool in cat ownership, it's easy for owners to undervalue their importance to their cat’s wellbeing.   The cat’s wild ancestors spent much of their lives in the treetops. Constant wear and tear led to the evolution ...

5 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Dog Door

 by michelle on 29 Sep 2014 |
1 Comment(s)
Dog doors can be a beneficial addition to any dog owner’s home. The key to getting the most out of your dog door is to c...

Teach Your Cat To Use YOUR Toilet

 by danielle on 26 Sep 2014 |
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The unpleasant chore of cleaning the kitty litter tray is generally one of the unfortunate necessities of modern cat own...

Should Your Dog Wear A Harness?

 by danielle on 25 Sep 2014 |
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Harnesses can be a far better option for dogs than the traditional collar and leash. Dogs that pull risk trachea, neck and spinal injury if led by their collars, especially if their behaviour continues over many years. Puppies are also particularly a...

Don't Let Your Cat's Food Freeze During Cold Weather

 by danielle on 24 Sep 2014 |
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Cold weather can make ensuring your cat has the appropriate amount of water difficult. Even if you have diligently kept ...

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pet Stroller

 by michelle on 23 Sep 2014 |
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I always laughed at the idea of a pet stroller, thinking it was an item only a very pampered pooch would use. That was u...

8 Signs Of Boredom In Indoor Cats

 by jaime on 22 Sep 2014 |
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Does your cat spend its days indoors? Indoor cats tend to have a relaxing lifestyle- they have nice long naps in cozy beds, access to food and of course plenty of cuddles. And because they are indoors, they live longer because they are less exposed ...

10 Reasons Why You Need A Pet Video Camera

 by jaime on 21 Sep 2014 |
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Surely more than a few pet owners are curious as to what their pet gets up to while they're not at home. Admittedly, a ...

5 Things To Know About Exercise Pens For Dogs

 by michelle on 20 Sep 2014 |
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If you're considering purchasing an exercise pen, check out the following questions and answers to determine whether or ...

Why Play Houses Are Important For Cats

 by danielle on 19 Sep 2014 |
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Whilst cats are a thoroughly domesticated species, they still retain the need to express the natural behaviours of their wild ancestors. Climbing, scratching, hiding and perching are all activities owners of indoor cats need to facilitate in order to...
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