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The Side Effects of Revolution Pet Treatment

 by amanda on 09 Jan 2013 |
157 Comment(s)

Only those who truly care about their families health, search for posts and articles like this one, which highlight the symptoms and potential side effects of different pet treatments. Which is why I know that you are a kind and compassionate person, who only wants the best for every member of your family.
And knowing that makes me proud to blog about the side effects of Revolution for cats and dogs, because I know that you will use it to compare against other pet parasiticide products, so that you make sure you get your pet's the highest quality of pest deterrent available.
Now, to start us out, I've always felt it's best to get the worst out of the way first. So let's discuss the worst potential side effects of Revolution Pet Treatment (as well as most other treatments available today).
If you notice your dog or cat showing signs of any of these symptoms, call your vet right away:
Muscle Weakness/In-Coordination - In 1% of clinical trials, some pets experienced extreme muscle weakness which lead to difficulty standing or walking. This can happen if your pet gets too large of a dose, or if they have a natural undiagnosed allergy to anything in the treatment. If this happens, your pet will need to see a vet right away. Because of this risk, it is always best to try any new pet treatments in the morning, so that if any adverse reactions appear, you will have plenty of time to get your pet into a vet within the same day.
Rapid Breathing/Panting - Because Revolution enters the blood stream, it can sometimes have a negative effect on your pets heart. In a small minority of pets, this can cause hypertension, which can lead to stroke or heart attach. If you notice these your pet is panting excessively or breathing very rapidly, take them into the near vet as soon as possible.
Muscle Tremors - If you notice that your pet is shaking uncontrollably or experiencing heavy muscle tremors, call your vet and schedule an appointment for as soon as possible.
Skin Burning - Out of 1743 animals tested, less than 2% had an adverse reaction that caused their skin to burn after application of any chemical pet treatments. If you notice that your pets skin appears is covered in a rash, peeling or your pet seems to be in great discomfort around the application site, you will want to take them into a vet right away.
Most of these reactions rarely occur in 5 out of 100 animals, meaning that it is not likely that your pet will have a serious reaction. Though being armed with this knowledge, helps you care for them if they do happen to be a part of the 5%.
And now that we've gotten through the tougher parts of this discussion, let's cover the more common side effects and some ways that you can help your pet cope with them, while the treatment relieves them of pests.
Temporary Hair Loss - More often then not, this happens with animals who already have sensitive skin, and with most of those cases, the sensitive pet is even more in need of pest treatment than pets who are not so sensitive. Though because the pet has sensitive skin, they will sometimes lose some of the fur around the site where you put the treatment. So long as they do not appear to have been burned, they should regrow the hair within a week or two at most.
Digestive Upset - Diarrhea, vomiting and stomach upset are the most common digestive side effects. They can cause your dog or cat to not want to eat or play for a little while until their body has processed the parasiticide. You can help them through these side effects by making sure they drink plenty of fresh distilled water, which will help keep them hydrated and help them process the treatments more easily.
Hyperactivity - When Revolution enters your pets bloodstream through their skin, it can sometimes cause them to have an elevated heart beat, as their body deals with the treatments reactions. This will make them anxious, as they will not be sure about what is happening to them, and that is usually what causes the hyper activity. You can help keep them calm by giving them their treatment in a dark and quiet room, and then staying with them for at least 30-45 minutes after the treatment.
Drowsiness - On the other side of the coin, some dogs and cats have seen the alter-reaction to hyperactivity, which is Drowsiness or Lethargy. As their body gives into the process of the pest treatments, they might need to sleep while the battle between bugs and love, wages on. If your animal finds themselves with this reaction, the best thing you can do is to help them get comfortable, and then check on them from time to time, to make sure they are still able to get up, walk around a bit and drink some water.
Drooling - It is recommended that every pet who gets a dose of Revolution, gets it right between their shoulder blades, to prevent them from ingesting the medication. That being said, we all know that our pets have a way of reaching the spot, no matter how crafty you try to be, and that means that there is still a chance that they might ingest the treatment.
When this happens, it most often causes excessive drooling as their body works to get the taste and the chemicals out of their mouth. You can help your pet through this by offering them plenty of fresh water to drink.

In most cases, the worst you're going to see is a displeased cat or anxious dog, whom are not very happy to have been treated, but who will be very happy in an hour or so, as they are finally flea and parasite free again.


Dinah - Comment
Dinah31 Jan 2013Reply
Are these symptoms exclusive to Revolution or are they the same for all flee treatments? I'm asking because an effective flee treatment is necessary. I've tried the "natural" ones to no avail and was told by a holistic vet that there is no effective alternative.
Ruchi - Comment
Ruchi31 Jan 2013Reply
My dog, now 8 years old, started having seizures every couple of weeks when he was 5 years and we traced it to starting "Revolution" as his flea and tick control medicine. Do not use this medicine if your dog develops "idiopathic epilepsy" meaning that a cause of the epilepsy cannot be determined: the cause is Revolution. We are now using the edible pill "Trifexis" and he has been seizure free for about 9 months now.
Lola - Comment
Lola31 Jan 2013Reply
Same here....Standard Poodle 3 yrs old had a Grand Mal and we are stopping Revolution as of NOW. Too many red flags and Vet is on board with our choice.
Pam Holt  - Comment
Pam Holt 31 Jan 2013Reply
I know this comment is years old, but Trifexis has been linked to many deaths. I have seen it cause hind leg weakness in a few dogs. Hopefully it has been safe for you.
K.M. Lessing - Comment
K.M. Lessing31 Jan 2013Reply
My cats are indoor cats. However, every couple of years I find a flea on one of them. I believe that flea eggs can be tracked indoors on the soles of shoes. Usually one dose of Advantage takes care of the problem. This year, my vet was out of Advantage so I bought Revolution. It was the first time I ever used it. When I gave it to my cats, one of them immediately started trying to lick it off. The other cat sat there, motionless, with a stunned look on his face. Later I figured out why: REVOLUTION WAS BURNING MY CATS’ SKIN.

The next day I saw that one of my cats lost his fur where I applied the Revolution. His skin in that area was red and he didn’t want me to touch it, meaning, it HURT. He LOST FUR from the harsh chemicals in Pfizer’s Revolution. I was very upset. I shudder to think—if this is the FDA-approved version available to the world and it is so caustic that it burns fur off of cats and causes such enormous problems as people are describing on this site, then what did the studies do to the poor laboratory animals they did animal testing on?

I will never EVER use this product again!

Please stop pouring chemicals on your pet. Check out this great book: “Homeopathic Care for Cat & Dogs” by Don Hamilton, DVM. It contains natural remedies for many pet conditions and has many suggestions for flea control with no side effects.

After this ORDEAL, I bathed my cat, who had licked all her Revolution off, in order to drown the fleas. It was a much better solution than toxic poisonous pharmaceuticals. Reason: 1) it worked 2) my cat did not suffer 3) it was free.
Jennifer & Kitty-kitty - Comment
Jennifer & Kitty-kitty31 Jan 2013Reply
I've used revolution before & I never noticed an issue, but today was different. Very different. I applied the revolution in between Kitty-kitty's shoulder blades & shortly after is when it happened. Now, Kitty is not necessarily a "nice" cat, so her response was an indicator something was wrong. I came into the room & noticed her laying on her back with her legs curled up in the air. Initially, I thought Oh, how sweet. Then, I noticed she had vomit around her mouth, down her cheek, on the top of her head, & all over the sheets. I'm pretty sure she had a seizure. I scooped her up & cleaned her off & she just let me. She started purring & even let me cuddle her. She's been laying in the same spot for hours & each time I check on her she allows me to pet her much longer than she typically would. She's definitely not feeling well & im positive it's from the revolution.
Jess  - Comment
Jess 31 Jan 2013Reply
Yes! Have two poodles who have both suffered seizures and it traces back to being given Revolution. Straight up poison!
Peggy - Comment
Peggy31 Jan 2013Reply
Watch for any neurological symptoms with Trifexis.....my daughters dog got meningitis and died after using that pill!
Jen - Comment
Jen31 Jan 2013Reply
Any animal can have a reaction to any medicine or vaccine. For example I have never had an issues with flea meds but my dog gets sick with diarrhea after getting the bordatella vaccine. Any time you give your pet a med make sure it's on a weekday so you can bring them to the vet if need be and make sure you will be around for 2 hours to watch them. It sounds like alot but that's just my advice. Also never split doses. Seems some people here who have had bad reactions try to split doses or give too much. Only give the smallest amount needed and only give every 30 days. He'll I'll even go 5 weeks sometimes before I give another dose. In addition don't give meds right after vaccines when your pets immune system is compromised. I also don't think people put two and two together after going to the vet to get flea meds but their pets probably just had vaccines too.
christine smith - Comment
christine smith31 Jan 2013Reply
If anyone out there has an older pet and the vet wants you to use Revolution or any other flea medication on them, please don't and if you have please stop. I have had several CKD cats and even if a small portion of a topical flea med was given they all had a worsening of their kidney related symptoms for some time. Even if your cat has good kidneys that can change fast with toxic chemicals so do not chance it. Go and get capstar and use it once a week for a few weeks then every two weeks. The cat may scratch and get upset because the fleas bite when they are dying but it is not so hard on their system.
Eduard - Comment
Eduard31 Jan 2013Reply
Hi there, my kitten also had two seizures tonight. Im so upset.
Marcia - Comment
Marcia31 Jan 2013Reply
We used Trifexis on our Shit zu at the insistence of vet. Ok for sbmonth or two then more snd more side effects until it almost killed him and we said no more!
Andrew Lanutti - Comment
Andrew Lanutti31 Jan 2013Reply
I use natural vanilla oil and other natural oils that i rub or spray on my cats. I never use any of those products and all my cats from my past and I have had many never had flea or tick issues and all lived to be 12-15 years old. Just like human pharma..it is profit driven. besides the one time I did use it my cat foamed at the mouth. never.
Gina - Comment
Gina31 Jan 2013Reply
My cat hair fell out in patches I won’t be using this again
Jen - Comment
Jen31 Jan 2013Reply
I think my puppy is having seizures from Revolution. How did you get them to stop?
Nancy Rhodes - Comment
Nancy Rhodes31 Jan 2013Reply
What do you do to restrengthen the wind weakness?
Suzanne Bowling - Comment
Suzanne Bowling31 Jan 2013Reply
Revolution caused my dog heart damage and we had too put her down, dont use this stuff..its poision..
s. craig - Comment
s. craig31 Jan 2013Reply
Cats generally live to be 19 or 20 years old if not using flea medication on a regular basis. Mine all have, but finally I used Revolution on them when they had bad fleas and both got Cancer at 19 and 20 years of age. Of course I can't draw a straight line to the revolution, which does kill fleas, but it's a prime suspect. If your cat is vomiting afterward, has sore patch from it and especially if convulsing, take immediately to a vet even if you have to pay from a credit card and go into debt temporarily.
St - Comment
St31 Jan 2013Reply
Interesting! My cat had the opposite experience, I will never buy Advantage or any OTC meds again and I stick with revolution or simple guard only now. Just as humans, we all differ!
sylvia davis - Comment
sylvia davis31 Jan 2013Reply
I have had three different male cats get cancer and die. The common denominator was I used Revolution on two of them and Frontline on one. The cat I did NOT use a topical solution on lived to be 18. I'm connecting cancer to topical anti-flea solutions.
Sharon - Comment
Sharon31 Jan 2013Reply
I will never use again I have a beautiful little Pomeranian. Hair almost to floor and full under coat. 2 days after use started loosing her under coat rash and itching She has of now lost all of under coat and has bald spots. I am a very unhappy costumer. She was a championship show dog in her younger days.
Caren  - Comment
Caren 31 Jan 2013Reply
Hello you said that you use Natural vanilla another natural oils which ones other do u use And do you use that for the fleas and ticks does itt work
robert smistik - Comment
robert smistik31 Jan 2013Reply
Main reason for taking revolution is to prevent heartworm in cats.
susancraig - Comment
susancraig31 Jan 2013Reply
What is the "opposite reaction"? I said that my cats both suddenly got cancer when 19 and 20 after using Revolution. I also said that it does kill fleas. Are they still well? Hopefully so.
Mickey - Comment
Mickey31 Jan 2013Reply
Did your dog continue to stay seizure free after that?
Pet Bucket - Comment
Pet Bucket31 Jan 2013Reply
This is pretty typical results for all flea treatments. Whilst they can differ slightly depending on the different main ingredient. You'll find they all have a very small portion of animals reacting in similar ways. It's just like some people react to Penicillin even though it's the most common old school antibiotic ever used http://www.drugs.com/sfx/penicillin-side-effects.html.
A general statement but the post was mainly to help people be aware of any possible side effects so they can take action.
chris - Comment
chris31 Jan 2013Reply
I have had a lot of cats over the years and have never had one die from an antibiotic, although I have from Revolution (more than once). Used way more antibiotics over the years than I have revolution as well.
Brenda Golovchenko - Comment
Brenda Golovchenko17 May 2013Reply
I gave me dog a Russian Bolonka the Revolution and three hours later he had a seizure, blood was taken and now shows signs of a blood infection. Could this have happened from the Revolution.
Robert - Comment
Robert18 Sep 2013Reply
I have 4 different breeds of dogs,
3 of whom show no side effects of Revolution, I got a Beagle in the month of Nov 4yrs old, clean bill of health, in April started to give Revolution to the beagle and couple days later had his first siezure that I know about, called previous owner - never any history of seizures.
I did not put two and two together until the 3 time I gave him revolution, and always about 2-3 days after he has a seizure, I actually even skipped a month of no medicine and no seizure.

I read up on the internet and in some cases - Yes, there have been incidents of reported seizure. I am going to contact the company that makes this in inform them of my findings. Btw the beagle is still healthy afterward, vet says nothing I can do for the seizures, just be there for your dog. No more Revolution for my pup.
Terry Cascimo  - Comment
Terry Cascimo 18 Sep 2013Reply
So same thing with my little chihuahua- I had been using nexguard & heart guard for 4 years at half doses since she threw up after front line topical. Then on get last visit the tech at north shore refused to sell me those Meds for her saying they were toxic & she should be on revolution. I refused since they had been selling me next guard and heart guard for four years. He was insistent it even went to the back and said that's what the vet said also.
I didn't push the matter and just put the revolution but I used up the rest of her next guard and heart guard and finally gave her the revolution application Friday night and made sure to really get it in between her shoulder blades against the skin. Sunday morning we went played in the park and I came home and I heard her Bells on her collar jingling in the other room & thought she was playing.
After about two minutes I want to see what she was playing for so long and she was seizuring on the floor- it was horrible -she was foaming at the mouth- it was heartbreaking. It took a lot of keppra, phenobarbital & Valium for a full 12 hours to get her stop having seizures -& the first vet discounted revolution when I mentioned that as the only different thing in her routine.
The third vet that took over her care -did her blood work & everything was normal - t4, liver ( close to moral), etc...he said it was possible that the revolution caused this & to never use it again. we r going to slowly wean her off the phenobarbital over a few weeks to make sure she doesn't have seizures again. But I can not stress enough how odd it is that so many people complain about their dog & seizures after revolution & yet it doesn't come up as a main side effect... Makes you wonder...
Marsha - Comment
Marsha18 Sep 2013Reply
I have a dog I used it on just one time same problem, except he has continued to have seizures. He has had 3 now. Did your dog wean off the anti seizure med ok, anymore seizures after that? I have read the meds are lifelong. My other choice is MRI cost is about $3,500.00
Leanne - Comment
Leanne10 Jun 2014Reply
My 2.5 Boxer collapsed lastnight. I applied Revolution on him the night before. My vet ASSURED ME it was safe and very rare side effects. I thought I lost my dog last night as he collapsed. Thankfully he came back and rushed him to the hospital. They couldn't find what was wrong I feel very strongly that this pesticide is the cause to his violent health change. :(
Of course vets won't push the possible side effects. These drug companies are in buisness with them and heart worm prevention is a million dollar buisness
Lisa - Comment
Lisa10 Jun 2014Reply
We have been using revolution on our inside rescue dog and now she’s having seizures, in bad pain, lethargic, etc. How can we get this poison off the market? We had a Pomeranian years ago that went through the same problem but didn’t understand why? But we understand clearly that Revolution is poison to our fur babies!
Shelley - Comment
Shelley08 Jul 2014Reply
Gave my Chihuahua a higher dose this time is what they gave me cause he gained a few pounds and he was panting all day in a cool car while I was driving. This was unusual for him, he is sleepy quite a bit, he is after 3 days still itchy, I found 2 fleas on him last night. This stuff is expensive for 4-5 drops of liquid. I think too much of my dog to give it to him again even tho he has had it before. No more resolution.
Scott - Comment
Scott14 Jul 2014Reply
Since applying this product, my otherwise healthy cat has vomited once and subsequently developed extreme lethargy, anorexia and fever. He is an inside cat and never goes outside. Took him to the Vet who totally ignored the possible connection between Revolution and my cat's symptomatology. Blood work showed only slightly decreased lymphocytes; everything else normal. Cat is dehydrated and fluids have been subcutaneously administered twice now. Cat still is not eating or drinking and sleeps all the time. For an otherwise healthy 6 year old cat, the connection between Revolution and his symptoms is too strong to ignore. I will not be using Revolution again and will not take my cat back to this particular Vet. Have no idea how long these symptoms last and the websites I have looked at do not address the issue, just as the Vet did not.
Shawn - Comment
Shawn14 Jul 2014Reply
Did your cat get better? How long did it take? I gave my cat Revolution 4 weeks ago and almost 3weeks ago and he started with a fever and being lethargic. It was the 1st time I had given him Revolution so I am not sure if there is a connection or not.
Brenda - Comment
Brenda14 Jul 2014Reply
My adult cat who never goes outside was weighed by a vet tech - at 27.1 pounds and so was given the large AND a kitten dose of revolution. Experienced EXACTLY same symptoms you all have listed...terrible sneezing fits then lethargy, respiratory distress, fever, won't eat and won't use the litter box. At the vet we found that the tech weighed him wrong and he only weighed 15 pounds so OVERDOSE of revolution as well as adverse reaction. Vet thinks it is respirqtory infection and not related to revolution. But after internet research it is most definitely due to the revolution. I have to do subcataneous fluids at home, taking lysine anti-virals and had a shot of antibiotics yesterday. I am livid. Visiting vet today - they will treat but I will not pay due to their malpractice. Scott - follow up please with what happened to your pet.
Infinite - Comment
Infinite14 Jul 2014Reply
Hi there, did your kitty get better and how soon? I just treated my 3 months old kitten with revolution, and he vomited last night. He doesn't show other unusual behaviour yet, other than drinking more than usual, but I started reading the forums and began to freak out about possible side effects. I keep wondering how quickly would they develop and how soon would they subside.
loretta feldner - Comment
loretta feldner14 Jul 2014Reply
Cats need to eat or their kidneys begin to shut down! Take your poor kitty to another vet if he hasn't eaten in more than 48 hrs.... that could be life threatening. And a reputable vet will recognize your cat had an adverse reaction and clinically treat it as such....
tanya nuss - Comment
tanya nuss14 Jul 2014Reply
How long did these symptoms last, and what did you do. Like was the cat given antibiotic. My cat is doing the samething I gave revolution 5 days ago. Please help me vetgave antibiotics yesterday for fever
Pippin - Comment
Pippin14 Jul 2014Reply
My cat was better after 4 days.
Jamie - Comment
Jamie14 Jul 2014Reply
Hi Scott I k me this is an old post but my cat is having somilar reactions - how long did it last?
Kay - Comment
Kay14 Jul 2014Reply
I am having a problem with my persion cat. I started using Revolution on him about 1 - 2 years ago. Since then he has had sneezing fits, runny nose, and weight loss. I just took him to the vet, after going to several that just said wipe his nose, and he did blood tests and nothing wrong and also diabetes test and that came back ok. He got a steroid shot and allergy shot last week and the sneezing has let up but coming back a little. I gave him Revolution about a month ago and due again. I am just wondering if this is not the cause of this. I will not be giving him the Revolution. Sounds like a link to his problems. Thanks for posting this.
K B - Comment
K B14 Jul 2014Reply
If he sneezes a lot he could have feline herpes. It sounds weird, but that's what my mom's cat had. He just needs meds sprinkled on top of his wet food twice a day. He likes the taste, so it is an easy fix. Don't worry, they can't be transferred to humans.
susan craig - Comment
susan craig14 Jul 2014Reply
Any time you have doctors, whether vets or the kind for humans, selling a product for which they most likely receive a perk or outright payment, there is a huge temptation to ignore the side effects of a medication they are involved with selling. It's the same problem for doctors for humans. These doctors are reimbursed for chemotherapy and/or radiation. These treatments for cancer are the only ones for which doctors are directly reimbursed. I know someone who had cancer, refused chemo and radiation, but did have cancer tumors surgically removed and is cancer free seven years later.
christina - Comment
christina04 Sep 2014Reply
Although Revolution can cause side affects, its proboaly the most safest method out their. Ive seen alot worst side affects. It really depends on the pets reaction to any of it. If their allergic to certain ones then bad things can happen. I don't suggest Hartz, Seargents or sentry at allll!!!! I have 4 cats and have applied to a others aswell, and no allergic reaction with revolution at all.
ANNa - Comment
ANNa04 Sep 2014Reply
Gave revolution to my 9 week old kitten. He’s fine. Eating and playing like normal and it’s been 3 days. I know there’s risks in a lot of medications but natural products just don’t work and I am not sleeping in a bed or house with fleas. I love our animals but using chemicals is the only thing that works for us (regarding fleas) and all animals are healthy and happy. Our cat who just passed away of old age was 21 years old. I don’t think for majority of pets these medications are a death sentence as some would have you believe. Many pets use them and have zero reaction. If your animals does have a reaction obvioulsy stop using it.
Pamela Riek - Comment
Pamela Riek04 Oct 2014Reply
I am a professional petsitter/animal care person and whenever I have seen revolution applied to elderly cats it is basically a death sentence. I had in my care some young, 3 years old, purebreds, a Bengal and a Havana Brown. Both developed urinary problems. The Havana seriously but he seemed to be predisposed. I notice they advise "distilled" water which is lower in mineral content--to prevent urinary crystals I suppose, which means they know this is a problem and already an issue with certain breeds of male cats especially. And I've seen Revolution used on indoor cats which are not exposed to heart worm risk!

I advise organic flea control and Frontline or Advantage only if absolutely necessary. This stuff only works the first week, so flea hygiene is absolutely necessary whether you use toxic assist or not. Sunlight or UV light kills eggs and larvae in 30 seconds of exposure. Flea traps work! See my blog on organic flea control at http://wholepetmind.wordpress.com/
Tracy - Comment
Tracy04 Oct 2014Reply
Frontline and Advantage are a total waste of money!
chrs - Comment
chrs04 Oct 2014Reply
Last year I used Revolution of a 8 year old Maine Coon Mix or a large longhaired domestic longhair that looked like a Maine Coon. I have had sudden death only after starting using Revolution last year. This year I told myself if I see something like that again after using it I will know. Well I used it once in the summer. Then my 10 plus year old cat got more lethargic and had personality changes but I didn't really think much of it because it was so vague and he seemed ok. But then he was lying in the floor dead. He was 15 lbs, very large and muscular and not sick.He was a house cat.I am sick over this and beating myself up. The night before I saw him salivate a little but then seemed ok. I wish I would have taken that more seriously. I think it does something to the heart in some cats and it might even take a couple of months to kill the cat. I use very little flea medicine. I read that in some cases it might raise blood pressure and maybe that causes some heart damage. I also used a portion of a dose on a CKD cat that was 15 and it made her kidneys have a harder time for a while but then she got a little better for a while and I eventually had her put down. Veterinarians acted like flea medicine is what she needed. I only put a few drops on her back and it affected her a great deal. Anyways, what do you think about the possibility of it causing heart attacks and or failure a couple of months after application? I am sure there are cats out there who have heart failure sooner. These are the first two years I have used Revolution. I have always had cats for 35 years and these are the first two years I have had heart attacks. If what I think is true, so many cats are dying of heart conditions that are not even recognized as drug related. I switched from frontline because it didnt work so good anymore and because I think it causes cancer in pets. It seemed My cats died of cancer more than they should have when I used it. Am I wrong for thinking this about the Revolution?
Dana - Comment
Dana04 Oct 2014Reply
I switched from MultiAdvantage to Revolution mainly due to price...having 12 cats to treat. Never had a reaction on any of the cats with the Advantage. The vet gave me two large doses of Revolution for dogs along with a syringe marked for a cat dose. I used the Revolution for two months on my cats and now my 12 year old Maine Coon cat is dying. Taken him twice to the vet and all they did was give him a shot for pain and one to stimulate his appetite. I failed to notice the change in his usual Tigger self and now feel it was due to the use of Revolution. All my cats are strictly indoor cats but one who only goes outside when I am at home and outside with her. None of the other cats have shown adverse reactions but I am not going to take any more chances. The death of Tigger is just too much...he was my best bud!
Sharyn Luedke - Comment
Sharyn Luedke04 Oct 2014Reply
My 8 year old cat developed kidney problems and blood in the urine. Stopped eating and drinking. Have been giving revolution more regularly. Indoor cat. Very healthy. Wondered if it could be the revolution?
Christine - Comment
Christine22 Oct 2014Reply
What about constant itching? I just put this on my bichon frise today and she has been constantly itching. I feel awful. This has happened with other topical flea treatments with her before, but my vet thought she could handle this one.
Maureen Cook - Comment
Maureen Cook22 Oct 2014Reply
Wow..its becauze she has a hypersensitivity 2 it. Recommended washing the area off with Dawn Dish Soap and warm water.
Jen - Comment
Jen22 Oct 2014Reply
Check ehere you applied it first. If there is an slkerguc reaction the area you applied it will be red and irritated and your dog will have little bumps called hives. However if your dog also has fleas the revolution will start killing them making them twitch around and that can also be why your dog is itchy.
Kim - Comment
Kim06 Dec 2014Reply
I applied the small dose Revolution to my 10 yr. old Yorkie one week ago. The day after I applied it her little 8lb body looked swollen and she seems to be in pain when she walks. She has always had allergies and will cough up drainage but since applying the Revolution her cough is different, almost painful for her and more often than normal. She shakes a lot like she does when she is in pain. It has been a week since I applied the Revolution and she is still having same issues. Has this happened to anyone's little angel and if so what can I do to help her?
Karen - Comment
Karen06 Dec 2014Reply
Hi Kim, I know you wrote your message some time ago but how did it end up with your Yorkie? Are you still using the product? I'm considering purchasing Revolution for my 13yr old Yorkie she very small (just under 2kg in weight) and has a problem with ear mites, it's supposed to work on mites. I don't like the idea of applying poison to her skin and waiting for side effects but the mites are bothering her and need to go!
joy - Comment
joy06 Dec 2014Reply
Hi Karen, I know your post is 2 yrs.old, but wondering how it turned out -- I have 3# chi and Vet. wants her put on Revolution and I'm afraid of it.
She scratches her ears a lot, but the Vet said "she's OK" -- I see no drainage or "dirt" but she scratches her ears a lot -- how did you determine your dog had mites? I did put my dog on Rev. one month - she still scratches - and I'm considering not putting it on again.
any help appreciated - joy
Dan - Comment
Dan28 Dec 2014Reply
I have given my dog 2 doses prior to the one yesterday he was fine with first two. Yesterday I applied revolution to my 84 lb golden retriever and his fur was stiff he was panting terrible and shaking his head from side to side. Rushed to vet who said he was having a reaction this was 6 hrs after first applied. Vet said wash area with soap and water and he gave him prednisone and cortisone shot. Now dog has to be on prednisone for 2weeks. Has anyone else's dog gone through this?
Nicole Whigham - Comment
Nicole Whigham28 Dec 2014Reply
Dan, my 16 lb Miniature Pinscher is having a similar reaction to your dog after I gave him a dose of Revolution a week ago. He has had constant head tremors for the entire week. How is your dog doing now? Did he recover?
Maureen - Comment
Maureen28 Dec 2014Reply
Its an ALLERGIC REACTION. Beleive it or Not animals can have allergic reactions 2 medication just like humans do. Simply wash it off with Dawn Dish soap and warm water and you can give Benadryl as well to avoid having to go to the vet and have a hefty bill for an allergic reaction that can be easily cared for at home
Jones Guest - Comment
Jones Guest28 Dec 2014Reply
It's not medication. Medicine treats the patient. It's a pesticide that targets a parasite. It's a tough decision - get rid of the fleas to prevent possible disease but at risk of causing harm to your pet. And no one really explains the chances of disease vs pesticide reaction. Though the fleas can get so bad that it can definitely be a quality of life issue for everyone in the family. Natural remedies can be just as dangerous since many are essential oils that cats can't break down in the body, meaning they are toxic to their organs. There's got to be a better way. Right now topical treatments are a necessary evil. I usually wait until there is evidence of fleas then treat my cats.
Lori - Comment
Lori27 Jan 2015Reply
Our 7 mo. old puppy has had Revolution since his first treatment with the breeder efore we brought him home at 8 weeks, He is now 23 lbs and the Revolution dosage is for 20.1-40 lb. dogs. we gave him the reatment and he has been lethargic, panting and just plain mopey, dopey and listless...I'm hoping today is a better day.
what do y'all do about the large difference in weights for the RX?
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sean27 Jan 2015Reply
In cases such as this we recommend that you consult a vet.
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Vicky28 Jan 2015Reply
I put Revolution on 2 of my cats 2 weeks ago. One seems just fine. The other has a large area of hair on her side and belly that she's apparently chewed/licked ??? off. This is the second time this has happened to her. The first was when we introduced a new cat to the house. I thought it was a nervous reaction to that. Now, I'm suspecting it may have something to do with Revolution. The hair loss is not near where the application of the medication went. I don't plan to use the product again.
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Darlene28 Jan 2015Reply
My cat has had a very similar reaction, and I have wondered if it was because of the Revolution. She has been to the vet several times. Flea and environmental allergies have been ruled out. The vet does want to do a food trial to see if she is allergic to a particular food. With no change in her diet since she was a kitten, what I have noticed is this happens, her hair begins to grow back, then with the next treatment she goes through the same thing again. I am hoping someone will address this issue as I am sure Vicky would love an answer as much as I do!
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Diana28 Jan 2015Reply
My cat is also losing hair and seems to be. Over grooming and itchy since giving stronghold blue (same as revolution) 3 weeks ago. Since this is a monthly treatment, I'm hoping things start getting better at the end of the month. I'm not giving him this again.
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Maureen28 Jan 2015Reply
Vicki if the hair loss os NOT near the location of the revolution then its obviously and apparently NOT from the Revolution. Hair loss at the site can happen and as long as the skin isnt red or inflamed they will be fine and the hair will grow back. But hair loss happens right where you apply the dose..not in a completely different spot on the animal. Lol
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M28 Jan 2015Reply
Are you sure about that, Maureen? I adopted a stray cat who has lung worms and the Vet gave a dose of Revolution between his shoulder blades, and told me to give him another dose higher up on his neck 2 days later. Not only does he have hair loss at the two sites, but also a big patch missing on the side of his neck and on his side. None of the spots are red or itchy, I have not seen him scratch at all yet has 4 bald spots. Just wondering if you are some kind of expert or that's just your assumption. My Vet says it IS from the Revolution.
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Anais2328 Jan 2015Reply
Usually revolution is given once every 30 days. It would be an overdose to give it once, and then again two days later.
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Dan'L29 Jan 2015Reply
I put Revolution on my cat 4 days ago. She has not been the same..she is like your puppy Lori..mopey, dopey and listless. How long does this last? They gave my cat the dosage for a cat weighing 5-15lbs. I feel that my cat has been overdosed. Took her to the vet yesterday...they would not make the connection that this has anything to do with the Revolution. I will never use this product again. My cat hasn't eaten and is drinking very little water..when I bring it to her. She has stayed in the closet for the past 4 days. Please someone tell me how long this will last?
Erin - Comment
Erin29 Jan 2015Reply
Hey, I'm just curious how long it lasted. The same thing is happening to my cat and I'm close to bringing her into the vet, but I'm not sure if it will wear off soon or not. Very sad to see them going through it. Thanks.
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Liz25 Feb 2015Reply
I gave my 6 month girl cat revolution three day ago.. few hours after administering the flea med, she starting puking every where and then would not eat, when she drinker water, she would throw up.. After two days I.. took her back to the vet. They washed the site of application, gave her iv, nausea shot and another shot.. told to take her home and see if anything changes to the norm. She is now eating, but still throwing up afterwards. So of course now they want me to come back for xray and bloodwork. My cat xenia is healthy and still playful..she just can't keep anything goes down. I will NEVER use revolution again.
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Nicole Whigham 28 Feb 2015Reply
Just gave my Miniature Pinscher a dose of Revolution a week a go and he has been having head tremors ever since. I can't say for sure, that is is the Revolution causing this, but in three weeks from now if these tremors stop. I will tell everyone I know not to use this product.
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Carolle McCutchen09 Mar 2015Reply
Gave both my cats Revolution, one being 20 lbs was sick but got over that.Now 2 wks later my older cat is still bring up and had the runs really bad.l feel so bad for her but they recommend because l live in an apartment building and have had huge problem with fleas and ticks that they be on this every month.l will consult the vet because she is just about 12 and she has a sensitive stomach because Siamese cats can't tolerate it as well.l feel so bad that she is this sick.The whole building needs to be sprared because other just care or look after their pets.
Annie - Comment
Annie09 Mar 2015Reply
My 12 year old Himalayan never had trouble with frontline, advantage, revolution, in his history but now that he is on daily med for thyroid problems, and I gave him revolution yesterday, today he is not eating and is lethargic. I washed the site as advised by the vet. I am worried that he inadvertently ingested some of the liquid because the brush became contaminated as I brush his neck then brush his chest. His hair is so long he needs constant brushing. I immediately put the brushes in soapy water now and will never use revolution again!!!
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Susie02 Apr 2015Reply
I applied Revolution two my year old cats for the first time. The cat that goes outdoors often had no reactions. The cat that stays indoors possible had a reaction. I didn't put two and two together until after the fact. A few days after the application she acted sick. We found vomit (presumably the sick cat) and she laid around with no energy acting sick. She drank water and ate food but just laid in one spot all day. a few days later when she started to act well i noticed a big scab on her neck around where i put the application (it could have been the exact spot but i really do not remember). what would be a good alternative Med for heartworm?
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Tracy05 Apr 2015Reply
revolution has sucked the life out of my 8lb chiwawa.
Muscle pain. Shaking uncontrollably.
Lethargy. I just hope he comes to back to his normal self. Very sad. :(
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Barbara10 Apr 2015Reply
Gave my five year old cat revolution 5 days ago, a day after application he became lethargic and had a fever not eating as much as usual. took him to vet they did blood work ( still waiting for results) gave him fluids and drug for fever. He doesn't look any better......how long does this last?? Has anyone lost a cat with this drug?
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michelle10 Apr 2015Reply
What did the bloodwork show if you dont mind me asking. i gave to my cat last week, only 1 year old, she wasnt eating, i took her to the vet. blood sugars was extremely low. 30 lady said most pass once its ay 70. She didnt make it threw the night sadly.
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Erin13 Apr 2015Reply
I applied Revolution to both of my cats twice. They are both 1 year old. The first time I applied the revolution on them, the male had developed cold-like symptoms with sneezing, watering eyes and nose but I figured it was probably from the vaccination he received through his nose while at the vet. The second time I gave Revolution to both of my cats, the cats both fought as hard as possible to not have it applied to them. The day after I applied it to the male, he developed a bald spot in the exact same spot behind his neck/between his should blades that the Advantage was applied. This spot was white at first, then turned bright red, then bloody and eventually scabbed and would keep on going through bloody and scabby phases.The spot kept itching him for weeks and he eventually developed another bald spot next to the original one. It was terrible because for weeks the scab would get scratched off and then become a bloody bald spot and took a long time to heal. He seems to be much better now but I was scarred that the bloody spot would eventually get infected due to his consistent scratching. Now I need to find a new flea medication that he doesn't have such a painful and irritating allergic reaction to.
Lisa - Comment
Lisa13 Apr 2015Reply
I put revolution on my 2 cats in Aug. 5 weeks later they were itching again so I tried advantage 11. A day after the advantage I found scabs on my cats where I had put the revolution! I had no idea both my babies were burned from the revolution! I put it between the shoulder blades as directed & that's where they both were burned. The advantage is suppose to go at the base of the skull. It was fine with no recactions. I will never use revolution again. I'm sick about what happened to them
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Francesca13 Apr 2015Reply
Well I wouldn't apply revolution AND advantage. That's two flea meds. It stinks that revolution does not do ticks (and advantage doesn't do heart worm) id still try to find something that doesn't overlap medicines or separate by 2 weeks at least.
Lisa  - Comment
Lisa 13 Apr 2015Reply
The Advantage was applied FIVE WEEKS after revolution. The revolution burned the skin on both of my cats. Advantage worked fine. I've used Revolution many times thru the years but not on the 2 cats i have now. I'll never use it again
Jamie - Comment
Jamie13 May 2015Reply
I bought Revolution and applied it to my two cats for the first time this past week. One of my cats is 15 years old and the other is 8 years old. Both are very healthy for their age, and are about the same weight - give or take a pound or two. I used the recommended dosage on both cats the same night. It's been a week since that night, and I've noticed two very different responses from each cat. My 15 year old cat acts totally fine - no symptoms of any kind. My 8 year old, on the other hand, has been acting very lethargic since it happened. I noticed a bald spot where the application was applied as well, so I called my vet. She said it could be a side effect and to bring him in, but it would cost $44. I spent over $100 on the flea medicine that made him sick...I told her I would wait a couple more days and see how he acts. I haven't seen him throw up or have any seizures so far. He just acts very lethargic...he doesn't really do anything but lay and sleep all day. He also doesn't eat near as much as he normally does. I bought some soft food to try and get him to eat, as they mostly eat hard food. He eats, but only little servings. This past night I went in my room and he was laying under the bed - he never does that. I'm not sure what to do...I hate seeing him like this and he has me worried. I've read the comments and a lot of people said the vet didn't make a difference. I don't know if I should just continue to see how he acts and hope he gets better, or go to the vet. I do know I'm never using it again on him. Please, for anyone that has dealt with this...how long does it take for the cat to get better? Any other insight would be much appreciated!!!
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Sharyn Luedke13 May 2015Reply
Hope you took your cat to vet. If he was hiding under bed he was probably Getting ready to die. Hope he made it.
Valery  - Comment
Valery 13 May 2015Reply
Jamie, hi. Please help, I have same situation with my cat!! What do I need to do??? And tell me how is your cat doing???
Ah - Comment
Ah13 May 2015Reply
i have been using revolution for my two dogs and 7 cats for many years without any issues. Prior to this, we used advantage because I worked with the docs as a Foster mom and advantage is much easier to buy, split and use on younger animals. But I always found that the animals got slightly lethargic with advge.... And it's life expectancy goes down every time the animal swims or is bathed. Generally, with revolution, it is the safest flea/ tick/ worm med out there as long as you apply correctly- and not on broken skin. If your animal has bad fleas and has been scratching- the carrier component - small amount of alcohol can cause skin irritation and the hair will fall out. Likely, the animal was scratching and had underlying skin irritation to begin with.... It's hard to see the small rashes until they get irritated and then you see possible scabbing and hair loss which will heal as long as you stay on a good flea remedy and don't get reinfested :). I have found that if there is a reaction to the revolution- it is within hours of the medicine being absorbed- as within 2 hours it is safe to touch your pet. If it is days or weeks later - you may be confusing medications- advantage can be washed off anytime and make it less effective. The pet store topical (on the neck) brands should NEVER be bought- and I know people are going to get angry with me and say it works with no side effects for them (great for them) but always get flea treatments from your vet. And last, simply- symptoms may be a result of no fleas. Anemia, scratching and scabs from old bites while they heal. Imagine having thousands of these critters on you sucking your blood and smaller animal- less blood? You would be tired too!!! Lastly revolution is 99% effective in killing fleas, larvae and eggs on animals and in the environment advantage only kills flea adults that BITE your baby so they keep suffering while you get rid of the fleas. You do the math. Revolution is a good product- advantage is a great 2nd choice. Never buy from the pet store it's not the same! And yes there are always exceptions just like a person can be alergic to penicillin - a dog can be sensitive to a flea remedy but don't discount it on the first try. Your first month may be flea bite reaction or application error- ask your vet for help. Good luck and luv to all fur babies out there!!!!
Peacedove - Comment
Peacedove13 May 2015Reply
Why do u say vet flea treatments are different from off the counter? Thks
Deborah Spiggle - Comment
Deborah Spiggle29 May 2015Reply
I gave revolution to my 1yr old cat about month and a half ago and he developed a staggering walk and does not hold his tail up. I am hoping that he will get better as it ears off he walks a tad bit better looks like a raccoon sometimes he has no control over pooping and peeing. His sister was given it at 9 months old she started having seizures and had to be put to sleep I ask at that time if it was the revolution or the vaccine she was given the vet said no but I had not been having problems with her like that and the day before at her appointment was told how healthy she look. Does anyone know when and if this will wear off or is his condition permanent?
Brooke - Comment
Brooke29 May 2015Reply
Did your cat get better?
Linda Stidem - Comment
Linda Stidem03 Jun 2015Reply
I gave my 13 1/2 yr old Maine Coon Revolution on Sat. April 11. He seemed to be fine that night . I worked all weekend but came to check on my cats several times. I got home Monday morning and have to leave on a family emergency. Did not notice him acting strange, but it was early morning and he was sleeping. I got back home on Thursday night and he was staggering in his hind legs. They just didn't seem to work. Took him to he vet, was told he had a damaged disc and possibly neurological problems. He steadily got worse. Would not eat or drink. Tried giving him subq fluids, but he lost all feeling in his front paws and then his back legs failed. I had to hold him in the litter box. Severaltrips to the vet for x-rays and blood work and was told he might have had a stroke and was throwing clots. I had to have him put to sleep on May 12, he could not hold his head up and had no feeling in his paws at all. He was fine before I tried that one dose of Revolution. I had always used Avantage but my vet said that they dropped it because they were the same thing and didn't want to carry both. I did not make the connection before but now have started to wonder if it was that dose of Revolution. I will not use it on my other cats again even tho they didn't seem to be affected by that first dose. I just can't take that chance.
Linda Stidem - Comment
Linda Stidem03 Jun 2015Reply
I need to clarify my post. It was on Friday April, 11, 2015, not Saturday. Also, my cat was given prednisone shot. When I took him back a few a week later he wasn't getting better, he was given iv prednisone and sent home with liquid prednisone for 10 days and every other day for another 10 days. Needless to say it did not help and subsequent vet visits did not help. He was put to sleep on May 12th.
Dana - Comment
Dana03 Jun 2015Reply
Experienced the same effect of Revolution on my 12 year old Maine Coon, Tigger. I didn't make the connection to Revolution until I looked on my dry erase board as to when I applied it to my cats. I had always used MultiAdvantage but it gets expensive when treating 12 cats! The vet said I could get two large canine doses and use a metered syringe for the cats...I have only used Revolution twice and now realize that is when Tigger's usual behavior changed. He stopped jumping into the bed at night, stopped playing, laid around a lot more. I just realized it too late.
Kristina - Comment
Kristina03 Jun 2015Reply
Sorry about previous comment, I see your baby passed. Any information is really appreciated.
Vikki - Comment
Vikki05 Jun 2015Reply
I have 5 cats all do fine but 1. It says nothing about being the cause of seizures but it has never happened before revolution. Of course she is the 1 with a flea allergy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Kelly - Comment
Kelly19 Jun 2015Reply
My 5 year old female spent all of last summer digging at her nose and ears. She had sores and scabs on her nose, ears, and even her belly. The vet sent in a biopsy of the skin that was reacting. The results came back as an allergic reaction. I never even thought that the reaction could be due to the revolution until this spring when I used it on her for the first time (I don't give it to her in the winter since she doesn't spend much time outside). She resisted strongly to the application (and there was no broken skin). She also seemed very sensitive when I touched her there for the rest of the week. So I started googling Revolution and now intend to stay away from it and see if her skin clears up. I'm up for anything holistic - fleas are better than torturing her with this drug!
Lana - Comment
Lana21 Jun 2015Reply
I really feel like I should share my story in case anybody is in the same situation. I read this blog, and many others, looking for adverse side effects of Revolution for my 10 week old kitten that we just adopted. She had mites. We took her into a holistic plus conventional vet clinic for a "kitten checkup" after I discovered mites in her ears. She was giving a single spot on applicaton of Revolution (so was my other cat, who had contracted them after just a few days, who is a perfectly healthy 1 year old cat that eats a raw food diet.) My kitten was treated on June 10/2015. After just a couple of days I noticed my precious little kitten had totally stopped eating, only slept, couldn't stand on her feet and was shaking profusely. I let this slide for 1.5 days and then took her to the vet. She wouldn't even smell food that was put in front of her. She would only sit and then lay down when stood up on all fours by me. The vet took her within an hours notice and said she had high fever, dehydration and a 'gassy tummy'. She was treated with a subcutaneous saline solution. We were given a homeopathic remedy of probiotics, aloe vera and slippery elm. That night I thought we were going to lose her. Her hind legs fell limp. She had a blank stare and no coordination. I force fed my kitten the medication I was given by the vet, plus honey water mixture, and a kitten formula that I got from a pet store. I really truly believe that my kitten was poisoned by Revolution. The adverse side effects of .05% of cats in the approved studies were her symptoms exactly. I nursed her with her medicine, milk, and honey water for two days straight, every chance I got, She regained strength in her hind legs. She even ate yesterday and today. I think my little kitten is going to pull through. Please, anybody who thinks their kitten or dog is having an adverse side effect of revolution, tell your vet right away and nurse your poor pet back to health. I read too many stories last night and the night before while I thought my baby kitten was dying in my arms to even consider anything else. PLEASE! treat your pet with saline solition, a probiotic, some kind of electrolyte solution (like honey and water) and force FEED them until they start eating again! This experience was horrific, I prayed and watched my poor kitten for 3 days now all night long and force fed her things that would help. Please, share my story. My kitten is pulling through. If your pet is not puling through try these remedies. I have never posted stuff like this but I feel like my story should be shared and everyone should know the potential risks of Revoluation.
Marlouw - Comment
Marlouw21 Jun 2015Reply
My cat of 9 years has been treated with reveolution a month ago, I took her back and they treated her with cortisone, that did not help much with the swelling and itching and she still has not recovered with hormonal treatment and antibiotics, the surrounding head area from her eyes to her ears and around the neck look like burnt marks and turned into scabs that just does not want to subside with all the treatment and I am desparate to find a solution other
than cortisone treatment. I so think that the compony that produce this product should really go back to the drawingboard as I see a lot of people whos dearest best friend suffer at their neglect. surely somebody has complained to this compony already.
May Read  - Comment
May Read 24 Jun 2015Reply
at 1pm today gave my cat 9 months old dose of Revolution treatment on back of neck .
About 4 hrs later , he had watery smelly poo, I bought this from our vets, on their recommendation that it was the best treatment..
Previously had bought the ones from supermarket , and had no problem .
I have " googled " revolution, and this is some side effects it causes ..
My poor Charlie , can't understand why he is locked up in laundry with his kitty litter !!
I have made sure he has clean fresh water, and hope he is better in morning.. Won't be using that product ever again ...
Vicky - Comment
Vicky25 Jun 2015Reply
I used Revolution on my two year old Shih Tzu on Sat. 6/20 and on Sunday afternoon she was lethargic. On Monday she started throwing up all her food and has had some lose stools. Took her to the vet on Tuesday but did not choose to spend a thousand dollars just to do some tests. So it is Wednesday and she is still very lethargic and not eating. I have gotten her to drink a little water by first putting it on my fingers and letting her lick it that way. I feel so bad that this has happened to her. Now she is throwing up again after that small amount of water.
Pamela - Comment
Pamela09 Jul 2015Reply
I gave my 3 yr old bulldog a dose of revolution on Sunday and a few hours later he started to have head tremor not eating or drinking water mopey without energy and his head feels warm does anyone know how long these side effects last I will not give him revolution again
Tony - Comment
Tony15 Jul 2015Reply
We began feeding a cat that just showed up to our house. We noticed it was developing a crusty rash. Similar to what our own cat had a year ago. So we gave this street cat a dose of revolution. Since it worked for our cat. We noticed that it was a bit skinny (under fed). It loved the cat food we gave it for the past days. The following morning, the cat is just laying there in the sun. It will drink very little water. No food. I picked it up and placed it under a shady tree and placed water next to it. I feel HORRIBLE. I wanted to do something good for a street cat that was very friendly. Now I may have just ruined his life.
not happy - Comment
not happy03 Aug 2015Reply
My dog passed away because the vet didn't give my baby the right dose....then tried to blame it on something else....4 hours after I administered this drug, she was throwing up, diharea shaking and walking into walls...please make sure ur babies are well taken care of.
Nlane - Comment
Nlane29 Aug 2015Reply
Whenever I put Revolution on my cats (one 4 year old, one 2 year old) they get sore looking, red, irritated bums, as if their digestive tracts are very irritated as well. This lasts about a week and a half. And yes I put the medicine on the back of their necks where it is supposed to go!
Cathy - Comment
Cathy03 Oct 2015Reply
I have 12 cats. I went to the vet yesterday with a dog that is allergic to flea bites. The vet suggested I use Revolution on all the cats because they mainly stay outdoor and Nexcare on the the dogs. Out of 12 cats, only one is having an issue and he is the one that has the allergic reaction to flea bites along with the dog.He is drinking and eating but has vomited a couple times. I administered all cats at the same time and 24 hours later, they all seem fine except one. I have a cat that is 17 and one that is 2 so that is a big range. I am hoping that they will be fine as I have never used this product.
Eve Moss - Comment
Eve Moss12 Oct 2015Reply
Hi, we have always used the Drontal for worms and the Advantage for flea's, NEVER had any flea's or worms to deal with. Then we got introduced to Milbemax and Revolution, flea's just continue, they do NOT die and the eggs keep hatching in waves. My 6 month old kitten after being given Milbemax and Revolution, is sick, lethargic, not wanting to eat, always trying to throw up, gaging, doesn't want to play, just sleep. Has bad balance and falls over sometimes. Those are 2 nasty drugs and they should be taken off the market, they make animals sick and these drugs DO NOT WORK on flea's or worms. I will NEVER use these drugs again, going to use Drontal and Advantage, very safe, NEVER had problems in all the many years we've had animals. The company that makes Advantage and Drontal has been around for MEGA! YEARS! and is a very TRUSTED COMPANY! And the drugs work GREAT & SAFE! for pets.
marlouw - Comment
marlouw12 Oct 2015Reply
I agree, I will never use this product again, and i think the ph/company should take this drug off the market.
Laura - Comment
Laura25 Oct 2015Reply
Recently had to start using Revolution after moving to a new neighborhood and encountering zombie fleas that could not be killed by ANYTHING else (I tried EVERYTHING, people, I'm serious). Revolution worked, thank God. My cats were sleepy for a couple days and one seemed sneezy for a bit (probably unrelated) but otherwise fine.
andrea - Comment
andrea28 Oct 2015Reply
Thank you for all the comments. I chose to n it out of on after reading this
Catherine Krostek - Comment
Catherine Krostek09 Dec 2015Reply
I adopted a Pomeranian rescued from a puppy mill in Alabama. I have had Lilly since October 3rd. I noticed that she was shaking her body like she had just had a bath and brought her to the vet two weeks ago where she was treated with Revolution because the vet said she had ear mites. I brought her back to the vet tonight as recommended for a follow-up and they suggested a repeat dose, even though there weren't any live ear mites. I was a little worried since she is 13 pounds and but I let them administer a second dose at about 6:00 pm on Tuesday, December 8th because you have to trust your vet or there is no point going to them. At about 11:30 pm, Lilly's head started shaking back and forth. She didn't seem upset and the only thing I knew that was different was the dose of Revolution. Since my vet was already closed, I called the closest 24 hour animal hospital in the area and they said to watch her tonight and if it didn't stop or if she developed new symptoms, to bring her in or to my vet in the morning. Over the past 2 hours, I did a lot of research and found what she was experiencing is called "idiopathic head tremors" and saw videos of dogs with the same symptoms. The general information I found said to stay calm and the dog would not be upset and to try to distract the dog with toys or treats. I found that these symptoms often occurred after dogs were treated with heart worm medication. It is now after 1:30 am on December 9th and it has been happening on and off for 2 hours and sometimes wakes her up. I would be more alarmed but she even got up and ate while it was happening, and she is now sleeping next to me. I see that several people wrote with the same symptoms so I decided to share this. Thanks!
Angela - Comment
Angela05 Apr 2016Reply
I've been giving Revolution to my 15-year-od cat for a coupe years now, but after giving it to her tonight, she vomited. She has to be hand-fed but hasn't come to me for her scheduled feedings like she normally does. When I seek her out she does eat her wet food and is drinking water. I'm still watching her to see if this behavior continues into tomorrow. Has anyone else had this experience of a cat suddenly developing a reaction?
RW - Comment
RW05 Apr 2016Reply
I would get her checked out at the vet if I were you. It may be totally unrelated to Revolution. Cats of that age (like my Molly, about 15-16 years old) often develop some form of renal failure which can cause significant changes in their appetite. Especially if it goes hand-in-hand with thyroid issues. Kidney disease, thyroid problems, and diabetes are the trio of old-age problems that nearly all cats are likely to develop, with renal failure being the most common cause of death for elderly kitties. Regardless of if Revolution is the cause of the current symptoms or not, it's probably wise to have her checked for those issues.
RW - Comment
RW14 Apr 2016Reply
I adopted a 6 month old cat last September and over the winter she developed some fleas. She also had some roundworms in her gut, which I discovered when she expelled some worms into the litterbox. It made sense, then, to try one treatment that could deal with both problems.
I had tried a cheaper flea treatment before which hadn't done much of anything (to the fleas OR the cat) but I did notice with the cheap one, that my little Smokey is flexible enough to twist right around and lick whatever you put between her shoulderblades. So when I got the Revolution, I put it in a spot I know she couldn't lick directly: between and slightly behind her ears. She's been totally fine with no reactions to the medicine (aside from freaking out when it was applied, but that was because it was a wet liquid and she hates wet!)
If your kitty is normally very good at contorting into odd positions, then I advise placing your flea medicine higher than the shoulderblades. Some of the symptoms people see could be from kitty accidentally ingesting the medicine when you're not looking!

If you need help treating fleas in the home, I recommend diatomaceous earth. It's a kind of soft rock crumbled into powder form (perfect for all you fans of natural remedies) and has properties that basically turn any insect's exoskeleton into a sieve. Your fleas (and other crawling insects) will die of dehydration as their bodies can no longer retain moisture, and it's one of the few things that works on the robust pupa stage of the flea life cycle.
Joanne Haynes - Comment
Joanne Haynes14 Apr 2016Reply
Thank you so much for your recommendation of diatomaceous earth. We gave Revolution to our 14 year old cat two days ago, and he has started having watery diarrhea today. I won't use Revolution again.
VetH8R - Comment
VetH8R14 Apr 2016Reply
This person works for Revolution, guaranteed.
Glenn McKnight - Comment
Glenn McKnight27 Apr 2016Reply
Been giving our two cats this treatment for about 6 years with no noted problems, Now the one cat about 8 years old and 16 pounds (using prescribe dose and one half per weight) has after 24 hours loss of hair and raised welt with redness at the application site about the size of a quarter. no other symptoms noted with both cats as described by the other posts here.
Jessica - Comment
Jessica27 Apr 2016Reply
My kitten received a dose of revolution and now his hair is falling out all around his neck . He has diarrhea now as well . These post are so alarming . You don't know till you know. Never again. I feel horrible for the animals that are sufferering because of this drug .
Teresa - Comment
Teresa10 May 2016Reply
Been giving my cats Revolution for several years now and have had no issues. Other flea treatments simply do not work. However, my late stepdad's car, who I "inherited", has shown issues with stomach upset. She is OK, but I was wondering if there is a recommended product for senior cats.
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sharond09 Jun 2016Reply
All flea treatments attack the flea's reproductive and nervous system. If, as with human medications, an individual has a predisposition for that medicine to cause an adverse neurologic reaction, it will. Bear in mind that it is not the same for every animal, and all flea treatments, even the pills, carry inherent risks. Educate yourself in advance, watch for signs, and take the appropriate steps. It's not only Revolution which may cause adverse effects with your animal, it is every flea medicine or product out there. Aspirin can cause human deaths, but people still take it for headaches.
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Kristin20 Jun 2016Reply
I have used Revolution for years with no issues, but this last month one of my cats who is 13 years old lost his hair and seemed to have been burned at the application spot. He has been lethargic as well. I applied it to my 14 year old kitty last week, and we had to put her down Saturday morning. She started having very labored breathing and had fluid surrounding her lungs. There was nothing that could be done. I told the vet I applied Revolution a week earlier, but she didn't think that had anything to do with it. I feel so guilty. I think I may have killed my sweet girl by applying Revolution.
Kimberly - Comment
Kimberly22 Jun 2016Reply
Our new 8 week old kitten that we purchased from the Animal House in Morgantown died 5 hrs after being given revolution. Prior to the treatment she was flea infested and had been treated for worms. The meds for worms seemed to be well tolerated. But her stools were loose and became watery. They firmed up after the worm treatment for a day or so. After the vet checked the stool and saw there were no parasites, we started giving her probiotic which she seemed to tolerate ok. I woke up at 4 am last night and her the kitten calling out downstairs. I found her at the bottom of the stairs and her body was limp. She was still able to focus her eyes on me but her breathing was very shallow. Within 30 mins her eyes glazed over and her breathing was barely perceptible punctuated with sharp breaths and then gasping breaths. I called the emergency vet at 5 am but there was nothing they could recommend I do. I knew we were going to lose her. I stayed with her trying to comfort her and let her know she was not alone. She had her last breath about 6 am. I have never lost a kitten. I have no doubt that there was a connection between her death and the revolution. She had been weakened by her loss of appetite and loose stools. Now I have to tell my daughter who is away at camp. Echo was her kitten. So very sad!
Sandra - Comment
Sandra22 Jun 2016Reply
I have used Revolution for years. My previous dog developed lymphoma and died. I did not connect it to the Revolution treatments.
My 3 year old collie cross started having episodes when we played ball last summer. I believed it to be heat exhaustion. Then she started having seizures. All the bloodwork was normal. I don't give her the Revolution over the winter and she had no episodes.
I gave her the first dose 2 weeks ago and she has already had 3 episodes of staggering, panting and on 1 occasion fainted.
I will not be using Revolution again and will see if these episodes stop.

Nikki - Comment
Nikki04 Jul 2016Reply
I took my 11 yr. male cat to vet as he was going to the cat pan often n sitting there with small amts of urine when he did go so thought he might have urinary blockage, stones, or ? They tested his urine n said he had a urinary tract infection so gave him an antibiotic shot. They also suggested a Revolution treatment while he did not have a lot of fleas but showed flea dander. I've used advantage in past months but many say the fleas have become immune to it. After a few days home he was lying low n hiding then he stopped eating. I thought he was just healing from the UTI but then he started sneezing which he never did before & he even stopped drinking water n was getting weak n listless. Long story short I took him back to the vet but he started failing even more & I had to put him to sleep. I am thinking the Revolution affected him in a bad way on top of the fact that he already had a urinary tract infection. My other 16 yr old male also had the revolution at the vet while there for a check and he is ok, no bad reactions. I have heard good n bad about Revolution & some of the stories would scare u against using anything. Best bet is to discuss it with the vet n consider the basic health of the pet, and, or, other problems before introducing a new flea product.Clean the environment and try combing n grooming often.Also if u can sneak garlic into the food it helps to repel fleas, as well as certain aromatherapy formulas for a natural spritz on the fur and to treat bedding. Use caution, as certain oils can also be harmful so do your homework before using. Every animal is different, just as we as humans all react different to various meds n treatments. Research ahead of time to give your pet every good chance for a good outcome. They deserve it. Hope this was helpful in some way.
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Sonia03 Aug 2016Reply
I gave Revolution to my kittens after seeing worms in their stool. I have 2 kittens both from different parents, female 7 month old and male 4 months old. My vet suggested Revolution couple of times, and I said I will do my research and let you know. Finally because of the round worm discovery I decided to go with it after I had done my research and knew more about the product then the person selling it to me. I applied as instructed also watched video on youtube. Both of them didn't like it for first 30 mins kept trying to reach it to lick it and scratch it, however I had to keep them separate as well so they would not lick it off each other. After an hour or so they were back to normal. I have not noticed any behavioural change, except my 4 month old male has upset stomach and can't imagine that tiny thing can fart such a pungent smell. Its been a week, went back to Vet to for his follow up shots, and Vet suggested to give them Second dose of revolution after a week to make sure all the worms have been killed,
O-o ???
I wasn't sure if this has been done before, but something about that doesn't feel right to me, my regular Vet is on vacation will wait for his opinion. In my personal opinion we as pet owner are emotional about our pets, which are source of income for vets. They may seem like they care for animals and are animal lovers, maybe that once drove them to become a vet but its not why they are still vets, I mean they don't ask if we could do tests, no no no they tell you we are going to do all these useless tests and charge you for every tiny little thing... I don't mind spending money if it is worth it, but most of the time, they are just after making extra buck at the cost of your pets life. The way they handle them, the way they are giving them medicines without any second thought. As human body goes through up and downs, we sometimes require medicine and sometimes don't, our bodies can recover from few things, same with animals they have been living for long time as well, they know their bodies and have natural instincts. The way these vet describe one small decease is like it will be end of entire cat nation. My kittens never scratch themselves, but started to after visit to Vet, its like you car need a bulb change after it came from mechanic it needs 5 more things fixed.
Will keep you posted if there is any change in their behaviour or health, but I won't be applying it twice, its not like antibiotics that you take double dose first time.

p.s. I don't think pet owners should pay out of their pocket for their pets allergic reaction to the meds especially when it leaves them with pain or worse.

Good Luck
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Ginger03 Aug 2016Reply
My vet recommended resolution for my 8 week old kitten and then a second dose 2 weeks later. My kitten ended up not being able to eat or drink and had mouth ulcers. He ended up on pain medication and an antibiotic. The vet does not think its from the revolution. They wont ever admit to that! Revolution is neurological and very dangerous, there is no antidote. I dont know if my kitten will make it or not. Oh the vet also said it could ne the breed of my cat thats csusing the sickness! What an insult to my intelligence.
Sonia - Comment
Sonia03 Aug 2016Reply
Oh man this is why I don't believe these Vets or Doctors(speaking from personal experience). I hope your kitty feels better soon, I know they do say they have tested it on different cat breeds but few might be allergic to it, if they have tested on the cats wouldn't they know which breed is allergic to it.
I never called my other Vet, something about giving 2 doses in a month, just didn't set right with me. They were ok after one dose, although the area where I applied the medicine had very pungent smell after day or two. I checked their skin and it was okay there was no rash or anything but only on one(male) of them it smelled weird.

They can't blame Revolution just like our doctors they do also get incentives to sell their drugs more then others, now a day its all about money not about health.

Keep us posted about your kitten.

Good luck
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Dorothy22 Aug 2016Reply
Victor  - Comment
Victor 20 Sep 2016Reply
we have a senior cat and it seems after we put the revolution treatment on her she seems to get urinary infection, does that has anything to do with the medication. It's costing us a fortune in vet bills. another thing when we put her medication on it seem to irritate her eyes
Christine - Comment
Christine29 Sep 2016Reply
My 13 year old indoor cat with no fleas, mites etc. Was given the Vet recommend Revolution and within 24 hours. Stopped eating, drinking and just curled up in a ball all day.
Has had all sorts of tests and come up with nothing. The Vet does not believe it is from the Revolution. I am hand feeding small meals to my cat, forcing water and yes he has had fluids twice at the Vets. He does not want to stand, especially on his back legs . I am just praying that he gets through this. I will not be using Revolution again .
Marie - Comment
Marie29 Sep 2016Reply
Hope your cat will survive, my neighbor's cat did not, after one week after Revolution, it stops eating, and died 3 weeks after the treatement, Went to vet 3 times, 3 different vets and none couldn't do nothing, they all said it had cancer. The cat was top shape before the treatment. So NEVER again any of those poisons
Kristina - Comment
Kristina29 Sep 2016Reply
Hello, I really hope you see my message and reply. I put revolution on my 19 year old cat and an hour later her right back leg went out on her. she really cannot stand or walk. blood work looks good. Still eating/drinking purring and talking to me. She lays in one spot. They are afraid to give her fluids as they do not want to create hypertension. Please let me know if your cat is okay and can walk now. Thank you!!
Kenny - Comment
Kenny29 Oct 2016Reply
I gave 2 of my 3 cats a revolution treatment. The third is to small to get it yet. Can she get sick from domino in contact with the other cats? As in playing around eachother or with each other
Wendi - Comment
Wendi31 Oct 2016Reply
I have 2 small dogs. One seems fine with revolution. The other who is very sensitive to everything shakes uncontrollably every time. I have only given it to her twice but same reaction both times. Will not give it to her again. Any suggestions?
Gina maxey - Comment
Gina maxey18 Nov 2016Reply
I gave my 12 wk old kitten revolution last night. Afterwards I googled it and found all these responses. I panicked, and couldn't find him to wash it off. He was sleeping somewhere.... woke up this morning to him being just fine. And I haven't found any fleas. I'm not promoting this product, just saying people are quicker to report negative effects than positive ones.
Lynn - Comment
Lynn19 Nov 2016Reply
I have a stray with eardrum rupture from ear mite infection, the revelution for mites left this kitty immobilized, hind legs non-functioning, vomiting everything, cannot keep water down, all of which began after 17 hours of dosing. No drooling, at first I thought she had licked it off, which is possible, she previously had head tremors, and neurological issues, possibly from previous reactions, stray cat, so not sure.
Alexandra Collins - Comment
Alexandra Collins31 Dec 2016Reply
I took my cat to the vet yesterday, she had what appeared to be "flea droppings" (little black specs that turn red when they hit water) but no active fleas. I can't find any in the house either, so the vet suggested a precautionary Revolution treatment. I wish I would have done research before I agreed. Since then she has been very lethargic.
I woke up last night to her sleeping on a pillow.. face down...I couldn't hear or feel her breathing. I freaked out and had to shake her awake, she then tried to purr after a while and started coughing like she was trying to get a hairball out. The following morning she refuses to eat or drink and just lies on the floor. I am very nervous after reading this forum!
I called the vet and they told me that lethargy is not a side affect of this drug...which is clearly NOT true. She also has fur and skin discoloration. This treatment is NOT WORTH WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR PET!!
Norma - Comment
Norma04 Jan 2017Reply
I have given one dose if Revolution to my 12 week old kitten. She has had extremely watery eyes for two days. She had one bout of diarrhea after about 3 hours of the application. Has anyone else had this eye problem and how long did it last? This med was to treat ear mites but will NOT use it ever again!?
Claraboo - Comment
Claraboo12 Jan 2017Reply
If after administering flea medication or if your pet acts differently after bathed in a flea and/or medicated shampoo BATHE them immediately with dish soap. Blue Dawn dish soap is preferred but any will do to remove the product and rinse your pet thoroughly. Rinse them twice as long as you normally would. If you gave your pet an oral medication and they are acting differently please contact your veterinarian immediately.
lisa Reynolds - Comment
lisa Reynolds04 Feb 2017Reply
I had a very healthy cat, she rarely went outside and if she did it was only in the backyard. We had a problem with Flees, I was using Advantage which seemed to helo but the vet recommended revolutions. At this time we had 2 cats and a dog who were all on it. Once we switched to Revolution my cat had a skin reaction I didn't notice right away, so I stopped using it on all my pets. My cat started acting differently and she got huge lumps on her neck, close to where the medicine was administered, turns out she had gotten lymphoma which they say is being around other cats or outside. I find it off that it was in the same area as the Revolution, could this possibly be what caused this? I don't know but I had to put her down last month and I can't help but wonder. Miss my kitty though
Jess  - Comment
Jess 25 Feb 2017Reply
Its straight up poison. Two of my dogs started having seizures after we switched to Revolution instead of Heartguard. It was a delayed response and the seizures were a couple months later. The blood work came back normal and they were labeled as idiopathic epilepsy. Didn't give it to them for a few years after that and they never had seizures again. This year we gave it to them once at the end of heartworm season and sure enough both had seizures a couple months later. Coincidence? I don't think so! This is a neurotoxin and not all dogs have the ability to rid it from the system without suffering side effects (immediate or delayed).
Linda Smigelski - Comment
Linda Smigelski03 Apr 2017Reply
One of my cats was diagnosed with ear mites and prescribed Revolution..and since I have 8 other cats the vet said no doubt the other cats have ear mites so I ordered revolution. Gave it to all including Missy who is 10 years old this past Thursday a.m. and at 4 p.m. that day she was having a seizure...then she had another at midnight and again the next day at 7:30 a.m. Took her to the vet...blood work done...my first reaction upon seeing Missy of course was shock and horror to see her thrashing so violently and my first thought was that it was a reaction to Revolution....ithe bloodwork showed no problem of Diabetes nor problem with liver or kidneys...could be heart problems or neurological, and will have mroe tests done. but in the meantime, she is not herself and having seizures..
Fran - Comment
Fran03 Jun 2017Reply
Gave my 18 cat revolution 2 days ago and she is sleeping all the time and staggering. She still has fleas! She is eating but can't even stand to use her box.
christine - Comment
christine13 Jun 2017Reply
I have an American Staffordshire terrier, he is 11 months now. I applied advantix spot on and noticed that his back hair (on spine) where I applied the spot on fell. I read that this could be a side effect from the spot. How long does it take for his hair to grow back?
Jen - Comment
Jen13 Jun 2017Reply
Hi. This happened to my cat a few times after using Advantage or revolutuon. I think its more likely to happen if your pet has recently been bathed or has dry skin. His hair will grown back in about 6 weeks.
sidney lucas  - Comment
sidney lucas 14 Jul 2017Reply
gave my 3 year old cat revolution a couple weeks ago he developed a lump on the side of his neck went to the vet gave him a shot of steroids and antibiotics . did ok for a few days now he is back to not eating or drinking not using litter and is sleeping 23 hours a day . he is a in door cat never goes outside . he weighed 17,6 lbs and now weighs 12,2 in a weeks time . and when at the vets blood work came back fine
Rosie - Comment
Rosie19 Jul 2017Reply
After 3 rounds of flea meds my 6 year old cat was never the same again and 8 months later he died :( RIP Mr kitty.
He lost weight lost his appetite became unsteady and one morning he woke me up crying and non responsive. Rushed him to the hospital where they told me they believed it to be a blood clot in his brain. I think it was the flea meds that killed him. My heart aches for him everyday.
grwillis617@yahoo.com - Comment
grwillis617@yahoo.com31 Jul 2017Reply
My vet applied revolution to my 1 year old cat inside protected siamese cat and within 24 hour he had a temp of 107. He stayed in the vets office for 3 days on ice and more medications. I finally took him home and waited for him to die. I took him off of all of the medications that they had put him on and within 4 days he pulled out of it. My vet said there was NO WAY it was the revolution and 6 months later they really thought i should try revolution again. He died. When i called and went in to see the vet they asked me to not come back.
James - Comment
James18 Aug 2017Reply
A stray was mauled by a dog owner who doesn;'t leash.Took stray to my vet, he had to have surgery so he stayed there a week. I mentioned flea problem with my kitties at home. Vet recommended Revlution. I gave one kitty her dose, 5 days later, I got another four kitties their dose. The first kitty was lethargic until day 5 when her kidney was giving out, per a vet visit. He said feline leukemia. I put her down after a wonderful afternoon doing all things she loved. Been 3 days since I dosed the four kitties. ALL are lethargic, will not eat, walk, purr, or give me lovings. They best be ok or I will be having a serious convo with my vet. $850 later and possible 5 dead kitties. Will definitely be getting copy of the bloodwork papers on my one kitty who went to heaven on 8/15/17. I love you, forever, Mocha.

The STRAY CAT who had jaw surgery was in a week, so he didn't get a dose of Revolution.


James - Comment
James18 Aug 2017Reply
I read previous comments and saw the water/honey recommendation. Out of honey, so I used water/100% pure cane sugar, half of each, and have given two cats about 10 ml. each.

One is up walking around now, about an hour later and wanted treats. Other is still sleeping. Will keep this updated.
Connie - Comment
Connie18 Aug 2017Reply
How did the other kitties make out??
Linda - Comment
Linda31 Aug 2017Reply
I had been dosing my dog, Sadie, with Revolution since she was 6 months old. In June, 2016 she had her first episode. She lost coordination, couldn't walk, stiffened, then her head began to shake back and forth, she shook from head to toe. After about 2-3 minutes she returned to normal, but she threw up. She had another episode about 2 weeks later, then nothing for 6 months. Then it started again, about once a month. When I took her to the vet, the doctor said she needed to start anti-seizure meds. We both agreed to give it one more month. The following month I gave her the Revolution dose, and she had an episode about 5 hours later. And that's when it hit me. Could it be the Revolution? I spoke to her doctor, and he told me to stop the Revolution. She had a very mild episode about one month following her last dose of Revolution, and hasn't had one since. The moral to this story is, it took ME to figure out that Revolution was causing these episodes. Her doctor said that she is the first case he has seen with this reaction to Revolution. I hesitated to put her on anti-seizure meds because these meds become a life time commitment, and they only treat the symptom. After reading all the entries to this blog, I see that many dogs and cats have horrible reactions to this drug. It should be outlawed.
David - Comment
David02 Sep 2017Reply
Used the Topical Brevacto for medium sized cat yesterday only but to find my cat twitching and crying on the floor this morning. She was surrounded by fur and a large chemical burn on the back of her neck. Waiting for the Vets to open. Must be one of those <2% to have a negative reaction. !!!
Linda - Comment
Linda02 Sep 2017Reply
So sorry, David. These drugs are horrible. Let us know what the Vet says, and I wish your kitty a full recovery.
Christi - Comment
Christi27 Sep 2017Reply
My 6 year old cat had the PU surgery and had chronic UTI's since. With being said I asked my current vet and my old vet if Revolution would be safe since he's not a healthy cat.. Both said yes. Almost emmediatley started having seizure like twitching and severe tremors in his head and front legs and he slobbers. This is now permanent and a year later he still has those issues. Always use your first instinct wish I had and never put it on him.
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Islam Ashraf10 Oct 2017Reply
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How To Treat Cat Fleas At Home in simple ways
Craig Talley - Comment
Craig Talley30 Oct 2017Reply
I did a first treatment of Revolution on two of my kitties for ticks. Both lost appetites and lethargic.
The largest cat, Rocky, the Maine Coon had a massive Seizure and vomited white foam after 4 days. He was very healthy and died horribly.
Just don't use poison like Revolution of you love your pets. My heart is so broken!
Jen - Comment
Jen06 Nov 2017Reply
I'm only commenting because so many people think revolution is causing seizures in their dogs but I doubt it. I had 2 dogs in the 1990s who both died of seizures and we never used flea meds on them. The only thing they got was yearly vaccines and heartworm meds.
delta - Comment
delta11 Nov 2017Reply
Took my cat to the vet they put revolution on the back of her neck that was October the 18th now she has a bald spot where they put it on her and it will not heal. Worst product ever.
John Czoykowski - Comment
John Czoykowski18 Nov 2017Reply
My lab sharpei mix dog started using Revolution when he was about 5. No problems for 5 years, but this month, starting about a day after I administered his monthly treatment, he had a seizure, grand mal type, legs paralyzed, back reverse arch and stiff. He's had at least 4 more this week. His health has been great, generally, but also just recently he started having trouble climbing stairs, and his energy level is down drastically. I suspected the Revolution, and after reading of similar symptoms here, now I see the pattern, and will never give him another dose. I hope he can recover from this episode.
Ingrid - Comment
Ingrid16 Jan 2018Reply
Like many others my cats have experience discomfort when having Revolution applied (burning, itch, hyperactivity) but I feel like I need to share as I see the effects reaching new highs.. A few months back my three indoor cats were all getting a monthly dose of Revolution (because, who wants fleas right?!) but I stopped due to the prolonged sensitivity and itch it would give one of my cats. Also, one morning a few days after applying Revolution to the cats I woke up with acne-like bumps all over my face and upper body. Nothing I have ever experienced before and that night my "itchy" cat had slept up against my neck - so I stopped Revolution thinking it might have caused this reaction to my skin. Fast forward 6 months, randomly I find one flea on one of my cats and no matter how much I brush I find nothing more than one. So I treat the house with peppermint spray, give all three a Capstar and a dose of Revolution. The itch and jumpiness sets in immediately. However, this time one of my cats doesn't stop scratching. Two months later she is still itching and has big pieces of dander all over her black fur. She even is scratching so much she starts bleeding under her chin. At the same time, I start to develop eczema/acne symptoms again and have to see my dermatologist again. This thing is poisonous to cats AND humans and you will never get the vet to admit that (I tried!)! It's their bread and butter!
Erica - Comment
Erica01 Mar 2018Reply
I found this was very useful to use for fleas that I had i my pubic hair.
Carol Siegfried - Comment
Carol Siegfried04 Mar 2018Reply
PLEASE EVERYONE, stop putting these poisons on your animals. All your pets symptoms are definitely from the flea medication. My vet applied revolution on my perfectly healthy 5 yr. old cat (3 applications) and now my cat is having an allergic and neurological reaction , hyper, agitation, running fits , licking biting , scratching, and losing his fur .
I will never give him any chemicals again. I'm using only natural alternatives going forward, and now I'm detoxing him with a all natural liver cleanse and probiotic and fish oil.
Nine's Catudio - Comment
Nine's Catudio04 Mar 2018Reply
Carol Siegfried - Comment
Carol Siegfried04 Mar 2018Reply
Yes Ingrid,
You are right ,I had the same experiences with my cat , hyperness , running , itching , biting, and licking with flakes on his back.
Please everyone dont use these poisons! These damn drug companies dont care about our pets or us
Jennifer Lane - Comment
Jennifer Lane18 Mar 2018Reply
My vet insisted on giving my perfectly healthy cat revolution. 24 hours later same adverse reactions as all of the above people experienced only my poor sweet Ava developed Ataxia, a side effect stated on Revolution's insert. I would find her laying in her litter box as if she tried to go to the bathroom but then couldn't get herself out. The few times I saw her walk - or attempted to - she would take one or two steps and fall over to her side. She lost feeling in her front limbs - I applied the Revolution between her shoulder blades - so its a definite correlation as to why her front limbs lost feeling and she couldn't walk. One week later I found myself at the vet and there was nothing I or the vet could do but euthanize her. JUST two weeks before this incident and never being on Revolution, she had bloodwork, urine analysis, etc. performed and it all came back as perfectly healthy. So why did I have to put her down one week after applying Revolution? It was and is still - the worst event of my life and very difficult to understand and/or deal with. A medication that is supposed to help our animals yet it kills them. I'll never use these types of medications again on my 1 remaining cat and three dogs.
Ven - Comment
Ven12 Apr 2018Reply
I was worried my kitten had ringworm, and applied the Revolution near what was probably broken skin. It burned her skin deeply, Turing it leathery and still, after which it peeled off almost completely. On the earliest spots her fur is finally returning - but don’t apply near broken skin. She hasn’t had any other bad symptoms thank god, but it’s been weeks and she still has a big bald spot.
Kellie - Comment
Kellie15 Apr 2018Reply
My mom's 1 1/2 year old cat was given Revolution a week ago and is now severely anemic and lethargic, won't eat. It is so sad. She is rushing him into the emergency vet now for blood transfusion. So sad the vets won't even consider it being the Revolution, obviously they get a kickback. So my mom has spent well over a thousand dollars with no answer and not knowing if her cat will make it. I am sickened by these pharmaceutical companies.
Nine's Catudio - Comment
Nine's Catudio05 May 2018Reply
We just went through a real ordeal with our 2 babies - 10 months old and 9 years old (felines). The little one was treated 3 times, despite us trying to convince the vet it was not working. The older one was treated once and was sick for about 2 weeks. Severely sick and lethargic.
CHANGED VETS, CHANGED MEDICATION - all mite free and healthy now.
Nothing good can be named Revolution.
Island Girl - Comment
Island Girl02 Jun 2018Reply
I feel like I need to comment because I have been using Revolution on both of my cats for years and have never had a problem. Recently, I've found it doesn't work as effectively as before and that's why I was looking it up. But as to any side effects, none. It also used to work better than any other product at getting rid of fleas.
Lisa B - Comment
Lisa B02 Jun 2018Reply
Have been splitting dose of bigger vials of Revolution for dogs between my three chihuahua's for several years. Have seen no ill effects, but I agree, something has changed with the formula. Tucker just came from the groomer and was loaded with fleas. I had noted a lot of scratching going on even though they are not due for another dose for another week. Now, I wonder if they have not been protected from heartworms as well.
Ophelia - Comment
Ophelia30 Jun 2018Reply
I had a vet/doctor that overdose my rabbit with revolution. She gave him 2 months worth on him and I'm hoping he'll be safe. Been praying for him but there's not much I can do. So far he's ok but I hope nothing serious will happen. One thing for sure I'll never take him to that vet again
Leah - Comment
Leah05 Jul 2018Reply
Hey guys. I know this is a fairly old thread, but maybe someone can help us.

Did any of you ever have an issue with facial swelling in the days after administering Revolution or any other flea and tick treatment to your pets?
Kathy - Comment
Kathy22 Jul 2018Reply
A lot of these comments and there is so much confusion! I work for a vet for 20 years and they are not trying to push drugs for your pet. First, Revolution is a drug not a chemical, advantage and Frontline and topical products for flea and tick prevention are all insecticide based. They do not enter the bloodstream they stay in the top layer of the skin. Revolution is a heartworm preventative, a single parasitical drug that goes on to kill fleas for the next 30 days. It enters the bloodstream like any drug does. Of course some animals just like some people will have side effects from certain drugs. Have you not heard the commercials on TV followed by a Litany of possible side effects? The important thing is to be aware, and also know there are a wide variety of drugs available to address heartworm. If a animal has a reaction to one type of drug it's advised to use a different type of heartworm drug. Also keep in mind that heartworm is fatal. Heartworm disease is also a very expensive to treat and monthly heartworm prevention is always the better option. So if you feel your vet is trying to push medications on your pet, realize your vet is actually trying to save your pet from getting heartworm disease! Keep in mind that topical flea products sold over the counter are governed by the EPA Not the FDA. Always ask your veterinarian for the best topical flea treatment, veterinarians are knowledgeable about topical flea products that are effective and studied to be safe versus those that are on the Shelf at any Walmart I may not have any safety studies associated with them. Again, pets are individuals as people are individuals, and your pet may fall into the 1% or 2% of the population that may have a specific reaction.
Quacks - Comment
Quacks28 Aug 2018Reply
Did anyone have a dog where their nose went from black to pink? This all happened after I applied the one and only treatment to my 1 and 1/2 year old spayed female small dog. I read all the other causes for this, but since the day after Revolution treatment, I noticed the pink on her previously very black nose. Waiting to see if it goes back to black. It's been about a month now.
Phyl  - Comment
Phyl 09 Sep 2018Reply
I reluctantly put this on my large cat. The does was even a hair less than recommended. It burned him. He now has scabs and a half dollar sized bald spot. Shiny bald. It doesn't look like it will grow back. He was a true beauty before Revolution. This is a terrible scar. It even seemed to melt some surrounding fur. It is breaking my heart.
Slb - Comment
Slb23 Sep 2018Reply
My Maine Coon kitty is having muscle tremors since I applied Revolution. He is strictly indoors but I have a dog so occasionally he will bring in a flea and I will notice the kitties scratching. I will NOT ever use Revolution again. Take this product off the market and stop making people’s beloved pets sick!!!
Nate - Comment
Nate17 Oct 2018Reply
Vet switched us from Frontline to Revolution on 5 year old Border Collie. After 3 months dog started having seizures once a day. After we researched this on the internet we saw many complaints about this product. Bathed the dog with Dawn dish soap to get as much residual product off as we could. Seizures became less frequent and less severe after about 3 weeks. Changed treatment to Seresto collar for fleas/ticks and back to Iverheart Plus for heartworm. As soon as the supply runs out our other Collie is going off this product as well. If you have never witnessed a dog having a bad seizure, you won't want to chance using this product at the recommended dosage. It literally sent my wife off crying to our bedroom on more than one occasion.
Brenda - Comment
Brenda08 Nov 2018Reply
I gave my Ragdoll cat Revolution about 1.5 weeks ago. Since then he has lost all the fur on the underside of his leg. Now he is throwing up, lethargic and won’t eat or drink. This happened once before and he had $500 worth of tests to figure out what was wrong, but they couldn’t find anything. Now I know - it’s the Revolution. This product should be taken off the market and someone should sue this company for poisoning our pets.
jo - Comment
jo18 Nov 2018Reply
I have a feeling that the revolution caused hemolytic anemia and leukemia in my dog coco. If anyone else has experienced this as my dog was perfectly healthy and after the dose within days went down for the count. we are having to help her cross over this week after trying for weeks to get her rbc up enough to do surgery and a blood transfusion the meds would not work
angi-la - Comment
angi-la05 Dec 2018Reply
I have read the anecdotal comments about Revolution, but have not read one post that actually proved Revolution caused any harm. I have used this product for more than 10 years on five different breeds from toy to mastiff size. I have never had a reaction on any of my pets. Like all products, its very important to use the correct dose and to apply it in the area instructed so the pet can't lick it off. Especially cats! It is applied at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades, for the express purpose of the pet not being able to lick it. Also not to be used on sick, debilitated or underweight animals. Tests on cats....In safety studies, Revolution was applied at 1, 3, 5, and 10 times the recommended dose to six-week-old kittens with no adverse effects. In dogs... It was administered at 1, 3, 5, and 10 times the recommended dose to six-week-old puppies, and no adverse reactions were observed. Keep in mind this is not just a flea prevention product. It is also a heartworm preventative. Before using the pet should be clear of heartworm, and NO other heartworm product should be used. The active ingredient is a semi-synthetic ivermectin, which has been safely used by Vets on pets, and farmers on cattle, pigs, horses etc, for decades.
Renee Serrano - Comment
Renee Serrano05 Dec 2018Reply
You can give me your info till you are blue in the face and I’m going to sit here and stare at the nerve!! I AM a biologist. I took my 14 yr old cat to a new vet to have a check up. Her blood test came back so perfect he was surprised. He had me put her on revolution even though she’s an inside cat. Within a few hours some of her hair where he applied it was GONE and the patch of hairlessness became two patches and grew in emptiness over 24 hours. Sorry but these pharma jerks that create these things could really give a you know what about the pets. I workin biotech in a company that makes test strips for diseases and I see the shoddy work that can happen. I will not give my cat this poison.
Nate - Comment
Nate09 Dec 2018Reply
If Revolution was not responsible for seizures in my border collie, (see above post) please explain why the dog has not had repetitive seizures since we have changed treatment. It is indeed Revolution that caused seizures in this particular animal. No further seizures have been noted since the product has been discontinued, no other changes were made in diet or other meds given prior or after Revolution. Revolution is to some animals as Penicillin is to some people. This is not anecdotal, it is fact. There is no other variable that could have created this issue that is known to us. While our other Collie appears to tolerate Revolution we have reduced the dosage to about 1/2 application. Who knows what other unseen damage may be occurring at the organ level. As I previously posted as soon as this product is gone we are changing our product to the aforementioned products.
Chances are probably 1 in 10 maybe a bit more your cat or dog will experience issues with this product, when you consider the amount of cats and dogs using this product that's a hell of a lot of sick animals. By the way how much were you paid to post that? Or are you Zoetis? And no I'm not here plugging Seresto or Iverheart but I'll be damned if I'm going to knowingly apply a product that causes harm to one of our dogs.
Jo - Comment
Jo16 Dec 2018Reply
Both my cat and my dog had a reaction to Revolution. My dog recovered after three days of vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and stiffness in his hind end. My cat has suffered severe consequences. She had a week of not eating so I was able to give her subcutaneous fluids and force feeding. She didn’t want to move, she was very lethargic and strange stiffness again in her hind end. She finally recovered but then lost the function of her left hind leg completely. She will live but is now disabled. I have had many animals over the years including fostering many rescues and used many flea treatments but never had this reaction until using this product. Reading the studies on Revolution side effects it does talk about some animals having adverse effects. Selamectin is the active ingredient and is a neurotoxin which attacks the central nervous system, it is not meant to cross the brain blood barrier in mammals but does in fleas, etc. Unfortunately it looks like it will in some mammals, namely our pets, and causes the same poisoning as it does to fleas! There is no antidote but supportive care will give our pets the best chance to recover. Obviously I will not be using this poison again on my animals, I do understand that many pets are okay but after seeing the suffering it caused mine I won’t risk it on the others.
Shell  - Comment
Shell 27 Jul 2019Reply
REVOLUTION plus almost killed my cat!!! Do not use this horrible deadly medicine the company who makes it Zoetis won’t take responsibility at all!! Said reaction must occur within 24 hours - not true!!! My 3 year old healthy perfect cat got revolution plus at her vet appt and 5 days later she started have a grand Mal seizure that night!!!! Her entire body was convulsing she was foaming horribly at the mouth like a volcano of foam coming from her mouth and then her body started thrashing violently everywhere -her head banging against the floor over and over- I was screaming and crying thinking my cat was dying. I rushed her to the emergency vet since it was 11pm. They sent us home and said if she had more seizures in the next few hours she would have to be admitted to hospital. She had two more seizures about an hour after we saw the vet. She has been on anti seizure meds and anti biotics since due to this horrible Revolution drug. No one warned me of these horrible side effects!!!! My cat will never be the same. She has suffered torment and I am traumatized from this all.
Cathy - Comment
Cathy30 Jul 2019Reply
I started my cat on Revolution in April. He is dead today. The vet thought it was some type of virus, but he started losing weight, having difficulty breathing, and bleeding from his mouth.
Janet - Comment
Janet29 Aug 2019Reply
my cat may have licked the area where i put the medication. im worried :( what should i do? i cant get in touch with anyone as the office is closed.
Marilyn Alford - Comment
Marilyn Alford10 Feb 2020Reply
I have 3 cats, ages 2 1/2 yrs. 4 1/2 yr, and 5 1/2 Yr .The youngest and oldest both have medical problems with severe constipation, resulting in the young one having surgery for spinal stenosis. The oldest has inflammatory bowel disease. so has a compromised immune system. For the first time I gave all three Revolution Plus II even though they are strickly indoor cats. The oldest one is very lethargic and just lays there, has vomited, and had a small amount of bloody diarrhea. He has been 3 days since he has eaten, even his favorite treats. I know after a short time they can get fatty liver after a short time without food. It has to be the Revolution. The youngest is showing milder symptoms so THE WILL NEVER, EVER receive that medication again. Even 2% chance of side effects is too much.
Suzanne - Comment
Suzanne14 May 2020Reply
Our 18 year old cat couldn't stand up one morning and the vet diagnosed a blood clot in her legs and wanted to put her to sleep. Luckily, we took her home instead. She started getting better and didn't have a blood clot, but a few days later she had a seizure. I had switched her to Revolution Plus two months earlier and I believe that is what caused the seizure and trouble standing. She still has some trouble with her back legs, but is much better after not using Revolution Plus any longer. Despite two FDA reports to the contrary, the vet office claims that Revolution Plus is safe!
Rae - Comment
Rae19 May 2020Reply
My two dogs had mites, I had tried all the holistic remedies. The Vet prescribed Revolution. The next day the 15 yo 8 lb Yorkie was having diarrhea and the 7 lb 5 yo one was vomiting. I called the manufacturer. They said that was very unusual but should not last very long. It now has been 5 days, the diarrhea is minimal and is intermittent loose stool, The vomiting is only at night and is yellow foam. He has a good appetite. The Vet said just watch him. He doesn't need to see him as long as he is eating and drinking. This doesn't make sense to me. Did not happen before the Revolution. Side Effects from it. I won't be using it again.
Lee - Comment
Lee03 Jun 2020Reply
I have a 7 yr old cat indoor/outdoor 13.7 lbs and the vet suggested revolution. So they gave it to him and where they applied it red sores, sick, hair falling out crying, itching and very miserable. I put Aloe Vets cool blue gel to stop the burning and it worked instantly. The redness is going away fast. He is resting praying for my four legged baby to have a fast recovery. Will NEVER EVER use any stuff on my sweet babies again. Only natural.
MaryLynne  - Comment
MaryLynne 25 Jun 2020Reply
I applied Revolution to my adult dogs. My one Bichon didn’t look well and started to tremble of sickness. Vomiting several times yellow bile at first. Then it progressed to vomiting blood. Drinking a lot of water then vomiting blood and water. Scary. We had stepped away for a few minutes and came back to a smelly bloody splash of blood on the floor that we think came from her bum. So scary and she was in dire condition. Decided to give Metronidazole as it reduces inflammation and controls diarrhea. It works quickly and within a few hours the blood had stopped but still vomiting the water. Gave second dose and by morning she was a new dog. Thank goodness. Will continue for 7 days. Thank god I had Metronidazole on hand.
She will never get Revolution again. Two vets didn’t think it was revolution and said it had be something else. I know it was revolution. Apparently they r in denial.
Rena - Comment
Rena01 Jul 2020Reply
I have a 41/2 year old poodle. He has been on Revolution for 4 yrs. I have noticed him change dramatically. He throws up yellow foamy liquid, he lay's around all day until the end of the day. He doesn't want to drink or eat until around 7:00p.m. His stool looks like it is encased in dried blood more and more. Cody has been a hyper dog. I've had poodles before but they were never that hyper. Also he can't take the heat or cold. I thought it was just him. Now all he wants to do is sleep and that is not like him. I have been saving money to take him to the vet because this is going on day after day. It started off slow but its getting worst. Since Cody was a year old he's had a sensitive stomach. He on Hill's I/D. and I thought his spitting up was because of that. As I read all the different comments I'm beginning to wonder if its the revolution. All of the things I mentioned was in the insert of the box of revolution. I going to stop the Revolution to see if he improves. I'm still taking him to the vet to make sure he isn't bleeding internally. Has anyone had their dog or cat with these symptoms?
Anita - Comment
Anita01 Jul 2020Reply
I hope your dog is still ok, but before you jump to blame the Revolution your dog has been on for 4 years already and been fine, please change your dog food! Hills Pet foods has had sooooo many recalls due to vitamin toxicity. The one you say your dog is eating IS ON the recall list. Tens of thousands of pets have gotten sick and died leading to multiple class action law suits against them.
Derick - Comment
Derick20 Jul 2020Reply
So ended up here after applying R+ to our two cats. One seems fine, but the other has a large bald, dry, red patch of skin where it was applied. After reading all these posts I think we're lucky, but I will be throwing out the rest rather than risk the health of out kitties.
M. Smith - Comment
M. Smith01 Aug 2020Reply
I had cats when I was young and they lived a long time and were healthy. In recent years I have had three. Two died young. One was only six when she began to hide and then developed unexplained seizures. The second was practically a kitten when she first had a severe vomiting problem, recovered, and then later wasted away rapidly (and seemed to have abdominal pain). The guess was lymphoma but we didn't have money to do an autopsy. She was very healthy until she suddenly became ill. She had been an indoor cat until we got her. The third cat is still alive but is only two years old. These three cats were on Revolution monthly. The third, the only one still living, is on the Plus. Her fur falls out where it's applied. I'm starting to think that it's not my fault that I can't keep a cat alive anymore and that it's the Revolution that's the problem.
Nancy - Comment
Nancy17 Aug 2020Reply
I used Revolution on my cat for fleas. He has developed a bladder infection. Has anyone had this happen to their cat?
chris - Comment
chris17 Aug 2020Reply
Yes I have even had them in female cats after giving revolution. EVERYONE, just use Capstar. If you use it enough and the right way, you won't have fleas. Start with twice a week, then once a week for a month. IN the summer give it about every two weeks and in the winter about once a month. It will break the flea life cycle and no more eggs will be laid to hatch later. It is much more safe than any of those topical poisons. IT will make your pet itch as the fleas crawl and die, but it is NOT a reaction to the meds, but a reaction to fleas dying. The vets want to sell you the expensive stuff. It is a big money maker for them. Also makes them more money when people bring their sick pets caused by topical flea meds, in order to treat them.
Julie - Comment
Julie17 Aug 2020Reply
Yes. It's our first time using Revolutuon Plus and two of my cats after their second dose (30 days they had dose 2) have a urinary tract infection (UTI). I have never had a cat with a UTI.
One cat is on antibiotics now after a ton of tests that diagnosed him with a UTI. We say him yowling in the litter box. I pray he will be ok because my other cat died a week ago.
My cat sadly had to be put down and it broke my heart. He was diagnosed with diabetes a few weeks ago and we already had him on RP before we knew. He then stopped eating or drinking, was vomiting. We took him to the pet hospital and they diagnosed uti (2 weeks after second dose of revolution plus). I dont know it it related but TWO cats with UTIs? Vet said UTIs are not contagious. My cat got worse and on the 3rd day of hospitalization he had a stroke and we put him down. I'm scared about the revolution plus. The vet didnt think it was the medicine because it sisnt happen right after the dose but I dont know.
I'm scared because I have other cats on the medication right now also.
In addition to the loss of my cat, fear and worry the vet bills were thousands.
Cooper - Comment
Cooper28 Aug 2020Reply
Can anyone please tell me how long the side effects of Revolution will last in my cat? Vet gave my cat Revolution on Monday. His personality has changed 180 degrees. Before he always ate good, always wanted to be outside and on the go. Now he has no energy, doesn’t care to go outside and is very lethargic. I won’t be giving this to him again.
Matt kelly - Comment
Matt kelly30 Aug 2020Reply
Our 2 y/o schnauzer has been given revolution since old enough. The last 3 months we have noticed him 'vaugeing out' and stargazing(will fall of the bed if he’s not caught). Loss of appetite, lethargic. Seems to happen worse each time after (<3 days) his monthly revolution treatment subsiding/ disappearing before the next dose. Has started to show bald patches on neck fur this dose 10cent size. Other changes include wobbliness, hyper activity, spasms, jerks, shakes/ tremors. Vet checks him out as healthy. I've read about the gene in some breeds which depletes the blood/ brain barrier to this drug. But notwithstanding that dosnt preclude (imho) penetration of the spinal cord(orally or transdermal) Which would be similar to the insider stories I was told when farming, about the parasitic backwash drench used on cattle which caused mad cow disease.(drench was removed from sale). Going to find an alternative treatment anyway, 7 years of complaints here, nothing new for big pharma snake oils.
Egipitian  - Comment
Egipitian 15 Sep 2020Reply
I took my 5 1/2 y.o cat to the vet last week, Wednesday 9/9/20, checked out as a healthy cat no fleas. Vet recommended Revolution and had me buy a six month supply, he said I would save money. Saturday I noticed my cat was pulling out large amounts of hair, scratching / itching and he began to develop a bald spot where the medication was applied. Tonight the spot is larger. My only regret is not researching this before the vet administed this poison. ☹. Will be calling the vet in the morning.
Dana Shelton  - Comment
Dana Shelton 18 Sep 2020Reply
Our poor cat is enduring some real Frankenstein-type stuff at this moment, scared and frustrated I searched the subject of "Revolution chemical burn cats" and this is the only thing that shows up, besides a Reddit post, that IS LAYING IT ALL OUT THERE about the TRUTH in regard to this treatment that I will now only refer to as "the poison".
We have three cats that have been given this, seasonally, for years.
This year, January 2020, I began my routine of applying to all three but only had two doses in my pack, so I split between them. We have one cat, Teeny, that is like a dog in that she wants to go out and hang all day. She's the reason everyone gets dosed, and is now the reason they will never be again!
We're on the coast, in South Georgia, so I wasn't sure when I began to see Teenys hair in little tufts, what was going on. She gets into scrapes w all types of wildlife and goes to vet, gets treated w antibiotics or stitches, stays inside, subjects us to her teenage temperament, heals and goes at it again. This year, however, everything was different. She started to walk a little wobbly and that spot on her back just kept looking worse. She started staying really close to the house when outside, I feel now it was lethargy, and began vomiting frequently yet not with any regularity. That spot was turning really dark pink under and the tufts were looking more like clumps. Her coat is white, so we really could monitor the progression of the situation easily. I told my husband that I suspected this was possibly an irritation from the poison aka Revolution.
One day she came running in and had an inch long gash on her back very close to the spot. I immediately thought, "she was rubbing up against something, scratching her back and the whatever was sharp enough that it cut her". This was January. My vet stitched her up and she donned her dredded soft surgical collar. *please note, I put this on her the opposite direction of a hard collar, like a cape, not a halo.
It was healing well, when she, through her soft collar, scratched the stitches out of her back! I was distraught and she was a mess. Back to vet to now get staples! This poor cat was so irritated (the spot was underneath the soft collar, mind you) that she couldn't readily scratch for relief, yet she somehow managed to dig (or chew) out 2 of the staples! The vet replaced them and she was now in a hard (halo) collar, PLUS the soft one to protect the wound, and receiving Prednisone for the itching and antibiotic shots for infection! FINALLY after 5 weeks, she was healed....until she comes in for treats one day and I'll be damned if she finally, now, scratched a huge HOLE into her back precisely where the 'spot' was located!
It has been now, 6 MONTHS that my poor girl has been STRICTLY INDOORS and WEARING A FKNG COLLAR because every time this heals, she completely rips it open scratching herself. I am SICK that I actually caused this, I did this to our baby!
I called my vet in tears last week because she was nearly healed completely, AGAIN...and has opened the small scab back up. It's continually a raw, bleeding wound that exposes her muscle between her shoulder blades. I asked our vet how long would she force an animal of hers to endure this? She said, "okay lets do another round of Prednisone and oral antibiotics and see how it looks, in a couple of weeks and If she's still going at it, I will excise the entire spot and stitch it all up and hopefully that will be the fix". Like, seriously???
I am so beyond frustrated and upset and literally would like to know IF ANYONE has endured any of this behavior from their babies? Also, WHAT WOULD YOU PERSONALLY DO at this point? Excise and stitch?? I mean, I'm certain Teenys hair will never grow back there, the skin is so thin and when it does heal there are visible small veins just under the surface of thin, stressed, skin just begging to heal. It's so pitiful.
FK you, Zoetis & Pfizer!!!
Quynh - Comment
Quynh28 Sep 2020Reply
My puppy died 9 hours after the vet applied Revolution without explaining to me (a first time dog owner) what it was or that it had any side effects. My family (3 kids) are heartbroken and will never forget the trauma that this terrible drug inflicted on us. I hope our pup forgives us :’(
Ann Allen - Comment
Ann Allen15 Oct 2020Reply
The vet suggested Revolution as a precaution for my senior cat. I gave it to him 2 weeks ago and he has not been the same since. Very stiff, staggers when he walks, lethargic, loss of appetite. I don’t think he will recover—it’s been 2 weeks. He is miserable. I am so sad.
Michelle Chaney - Comment
Michelle Chaney27 Nov 2020Reply
I genuinely don't know what to do. My cats have been on revolution for 3 years now. We don't treat them year-round, but during the warmer months. My cat just had a seizure this night. He first urinated a little, started meowing very loud as if he was shouting, ran off to a corner, started scratching at the carpet, and then he began to have a very violent seizure with tremoring, head shaking, jaw moving, foaming at the mouth, and unconsciousness. It lasted for about two minutes, and afterwards he was very calm, seeking attention, and purring. I am glad to know that he wasn't hurt from the seizure, but it was a terrible sight to witness. Looking back, it is very possible that he could've had a seizure prior. There was another instance where he urinated, meowed loudly and ran off. Then, he came back and had a lot of saliva/foam at the mouth. I didn't see what happened, but comparing it to tonight, he very well could've hat a seizure. I have another cat who threw up tonight a few minutes later. She throws up every once in a while.

I am wondering if there is any link to this odd behavior and the Revolution. I haven't notice anything weird until these past few months. I am going to take my cat to the vet soon and see if there is anything wrong with him. If he comes back as healthy, then I think I will stop giving my cats the Revolution for a while and see if any symptoms come up again.

Does anyone know of any other flea/worm preventatives that are much safer? Or is it fine to forgo any preventative treatments altogether? My father never gave his cats anything or took them to the vet growing up, and they all lived to be old, so I am wondering if cats are better off without the risk of modern medicine? I hate to think like this because I'd like to think that innovation is for the better, but I hate to see my cats be put in possible danger from rare side-effects.
Joanne - Comment
Joanne11 Dec 2020Reply
I've been giving Revolution to my 2 cats during flea season for the past few years. Recently I noticed that the cats seem to get really itchy in the week before their next dose is due. I assumed it was fleas starting to make their comeback as the Revolution lost strength. About a month ago I rescued a cat and brought him into our household. He hasn't been treated for fleas and shows no signs of scratching or chewing. I came on here to see if anyone else had noticed itchiness just before the next dose is due. After reading what everyone else has had to say there isn't a chance that I'll put that stuff anywhere near my cats again. Perhaps my two older ones will gain back some energy and enthusiasm once they've been off it for a few months.
I applied Revolution at the right dose to my 10 month old Maine Coon. He started staggering and walking funny.
$1000 of tests have thrown no light. Although he comes from a reputable breeder that tests for genetic issues we are still waiting for a genetic lab’s results on more tests. He seems a bit better and has started jumping on bed but still he does not move normally. I have used Revolution before with no problems but this time I have to blame it. Will follow up with end results.
Angie - Comment
Angie19 Jan 2021Reply
Revolution Plus killed my cat. Gave it to for the last 6 months. Did not make the connection when she would throw. Gave it to her as usual. She threw up that evening, and the next day all of a sudden her legs would not work. Brought her to the ER, and had to have her put down. Do not use this product on your cat!
Arlene  - Comment
Arlene 14 Mar 2021Reply
Bad reaction to Revolution Plus after 1st dose topically on 5 year old Chihuahua mix.1st day shook his head and scratched his neck.2nd day about 48hr started trembling constantly, hiding, anxious, seemed weak walking and wouldn’t jump or cling steps. Ate if encouraged. Total behavior change. Worst at about 60-72 hrs. 2 visits to emergency vets, vitals normal, no fever no obvious injury. Normal labs. As owner I check the box of heart worm Med and realized the changed Med Revolution was new and the best explanation. We have a case# with the manufacturer though the vet. Day five the symptoms are less frequent and less severe with some times of being norma, but I wish her back to his playful self, We are hoping and praying for a full recovery. I will try to post again with an update.
Dana  - Comment
Dana 18 Mar 2021Reply
This has made my cat severely ill with tremors, seizure, frothing at the mouth and severe pain. She is going downhill fast.
Will also cost me a fortune at the Vet now.
This product should be banned ! ! !
Milo - Comment
Milo19 Mar 2021Reply
The vet pushed me to put this on my 4 month old pomeranian puppy and since then (2 weeks and half ago) he has been lethargic, heavy breathing, vomit once, small appetite, and less potty (poo). The vet never told me there would be side effects and this could be life threatening for my little guy ESPICIALLY when he's coughing and he might have kennel cough. Does anyone know if this could kill him after 2 weeks of it given or is it passed? Im pretty worried and when I contact my vet they don't get back to me......
Anita - Comment
Anita09 Apr 2021Reply
I applied revolution on my cat on 2 separate occassions both times he had a violent seizure. I didn't realize the cause until the second seizure because there was a 1 month lapse of not getting medicine with no seizure that month. Took my pet to vet and told them what happened but they denied my theory that the Revolution gave this adverse reaction. I'm presently watching over him. He is not quite himself. Praying this pass. I will never use medicine again. Is there anyway we can hold the manufacturer & vets for pushing this poison for profit? Is their any way to get this out my cat system? Please HELP!
Catrina Albo - Comment
Catrina Albo12 Apr 2021Reply
My 5 year old cat had his first seizure back in January about 3 weeks after his revolution treatments. He’s been on Revolution for about 5 years now. After the January seizure we took him to the ER and his regular vet. All bloodwork came back normal. Skipped a month of Revolution and no seizures. Gave him on the Revolution again a little over 2 weeks ago and he just had a another seizure. The vets didn’t think there was a connection. I’m thinking it’s from the Revolution. I’m stopping it immediately. He’s an indoor cat that sits in the screened in porch but he will now have to stay inside. I’d rather take the chance of fleas than see him having seizures. They must have changed something in the formula. This stuff is poison!
Buggy Boy - Comment
Buggy Boy26 Apr 2021Reply
Gave my mixed main coon 2yr old this and He's dyeing in front of me right now, four days ago gave flea meds and he stayed on his bed since. Took him to vet and everything checked ok. Won't eat or drink;He's listless vomiting and urinating on himself and there's nothing we can do to save him.
Elizabeth - Comment
Elizabeth26 May 2021Reply
We used Revolution on one of our cats who just saw the vet that week of a good health checkup, he saw the doctor on a Wednesday and he also got all of his update on his vaccines, so we waited until Sunday morning to give him this flea medication, by the evening of Sunday he suffered from something and died in my arms. We believe it was the flea medication but we have no proof but will never use this med any more
Alam Williams - Comment
Alam Williams26 May 2021Reply
Revolution has been proved to be safe for dogs and cats that are already receiving vaccines, anthelmintics, antiparasitics, steroids, collars, shampoos and antibiotics. Still every medicinces don't suits to every animals need to take a vet recommondation as they understand all about your pet better.
Andrew - Comment
Andrew29 Jun 2021Reply
Clay in a pets food is a good idea. "Sacred Clay" is one of the better brands cause it so fine. Clay will absorb, heavy metals, chemicals or radiation and animals normally eat dirt with their catch. Yet house hold pets are starved their minerals from soil. Grass is essential to supply to and Diatomicious Earth is the best flea treatment and way cheaper!
Rachel - Comment
Rachel03 Jul 2021Reply
I used this on my cat and two days later noticed he was having trouble standing up and within the next 24 hours he was completely paralyzed except for his head. The ver I got the meds from of course said that it could not be caused by the meds and sent me to an emergency clinic that charged me a fortune and told me they did not know what was going on with my cat but that it definitely wasn’t caused by the flea meds. They put my cat on a lot of other medication that did not help at all. Finally I went to a third vet that was willing to say that it was a classic case of toxicity caused by the Revolution. He told me to stop giving my cat all the other meds the emergency clinic put him in and just let the flea medicine work it’s way out of his system. I did that and within a few days my cat started walking again and has made a full recovery. But he was completely paralyzed from the neck down for over a week. If your cat experiences something similar, just keep giving them wet food and water (I used a syringe for water) and give it time to work out of the cats system. Please don’t have your cat put to sleep.
Michelle - Comment
Michelle03 Jul 2021Reply
Thank you for giving me hope. I'm terrified right now with how my poor pup is behaving. He's so ill and miserable. I took my dog to the vet last night because of the Revolution flea meds I put on his neck - but like you, the vet acted like it's something other than that. They run all the tests, tell you it could be this or that, but it's really toxicity from the flea meds. Stop covering up for big pharma!!!
Jackie - Comment
Jackie05 Jul 2021Reply
My Asperger Son's little kitten who he lovingly nursed and we spend a spent a fortune on. We made the mistake of taking him to "CyFair Vets" the one with TV show on Animal Planet near our home in home in Houston, TX. She suffered a seizure the next day after Trifexis and died the next day. This was the second kitten to die while under their care after flea Tx.
Sam - Comment
Sam07 Jul 2021Reply
Had used revolution tick prevention medicine on my 14 years old golden retriever last Saturday. The day after she had a seizure that lasted maximum 10 seconds but hard to watch... Never happened before. I was also painting in my garage when it happened and the dog was with me.... My vet without any doubt there was no link between revolution and seizure. I trust my vet, but With what Îve read here, I am throwing the kit in the dumpster.....
Michelle - Comment
Michelle24 Jul 2021Reply
I gave my 19 month old Irish Terrier Revolution three days ago and he's listless, has no appetite, vomited, running a temperature, stiff joints. I called Revolution (phone number on box) and the rep said that some of his side effects can happen. I do not think that any medication that could potentially kill or cause health issues should be given to our animals. Shame on big pharma and shame on the medical profession for acting like this isn't a big deal. My dog was happy and joyful the day I put that toxic medicine on his neck. He's been miserable for three solid days. The vet has nothing for him and will not link it to Revolution. Lab work showed elevated white cells (his body trying to fight off toxins) and his abdominal x-rays were normal. Shame on all of these people.
Rachel - Comment
Rachel09 Aug 2021Reply
I had used Revolution since my 9 year old cats were kittens. 5 year hiatus in which I used generic brands from BJs, etc.. No problems. This year I used Advantage Gold and they both had diarrhea for close to a month. Went back to the Revolution and one of them is having severe reactions. Total behavior changes, massive weight loss, listless, etc. Seems to have issues walking (sort of runs to the one space he is occupying as if there is something hot on the floor). Will eat when I encourage it, which I've done consistently. Same with water. I have to initiate that. It's been 3 weeks now and I'm hoping that the poison will leave his system and he will recover. I will NEVER use this product again. Perhaps they changed the formula? Made it stronger? I was always a bit curious about the idea of having poison in their bloodstream for a month at a time. Now it seems obvious that it is a bad idea. It may be because he is 9 years old now, but if age is an issue, it should be clearly stated.
Oscar - Comment
Oscar15 Aug 2021Reply
I have 3 cats and this medicine was recommended by my vet. After consulting him about taking my kids for a stroll in the park he said it's best to give them Revolution just to be on the safe side. Heartworms is the biggest danger obviously and this medicine is meant to prevent it. But at what cost? I've read bunch of scientific reports about the researches that have been done and lots of other stuff until I found this article. No way I'm giving them it now. But I do have a question though, should I be at all worried about mosquito bites and heartworm disease if I only wanna occasionally take them to parks and whatnot. Plus they're feline and I've heard heartworms are a whole lot more common in dogs. Besides, we're not planning on going out at dawn, dusk or night, only during daytime though I do know mosquitos are active even during the daytime. I do wanna protect them from heartworms but I definitely don't wanna be putting their health at risk by doing so. If it helps, I'm in Ottawa, Canada. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
Abby Roads - Comment
Abby Roads19 Aug 2021Reply
It's been 2 hours since the vet gave my 2 yr old American shorthair cat her first ever dose of Revolution. She just vomited and is acting very subdued. After reading these comments I'm terrified that I have poisoned my cat.
Terra - Comment
Terra25 Aug 2021Reply
I’ve been in tears all day. My beautiful 15 year old cat, Apollo, passed away Monday night. I gave him Revolution plus on Sunday night. He was healthy, active, playful and eating perfectly before I gave him the dose of flea control. I’ve given this flea control to all my cats this year & this is the first time I’ve experienced any reactions. I’m devastated. Didn’t even have the opportunity to help him by getting him to a vet, it happened so quickly after his seizure. I’m still stunned. I’ve been looking online for answers and found this group. I’m truly amazed at all the stories I’ve read & the sadness and heartbreak this drug has caused to so many people and their beloved pets. I feel your pain, I’m sad with you & hope that many of your pets may recover to good health and that the ones who have lost their babies - May your hearts heal soon. I’m so broken and so angry that my baby lost his life in such a tragic way.
Oscar - Comment
Oscar25 Aug 2021Reply
Hi Terra, I'm so sorry to hear this. I know exactly how you feel because I also lost my baby girl in the past. She's still with us, our little angel, guarding and guiding us. I'm sure your boy too! Stay strong for his sake, he'd want you to. Listen to this song (it's a sad one, but the words are beyond beautiful and fitting): If The Sun Comes Up by Trace Adkins.
BHS - Comment
BHS11 Nov 2021Reply
I've been using revoltution on my cat for about a year. put revolution on my cat last night and he started immediately having an adverse reaction. he was disoriented, vision impaired, and scared. I got a moist rag and wiped off as much as I could. he was agitated all night. could not get comfortable. this morning I touched him and he hissed at me twice. He never does that. I have a vet appointment soon. They give you a toxin to put on the cat and then you can't get in to see the Dr again when things go wrong. It's frightening. My cat is doing better today. but i am concerned about long term issues.
JRock - Comment
JRock05 Dec 2021Reply
We applied Revolution to our 4 year old cat 3 nights ago. A few hours later we were awaken by blood curling sounds from our cat. She was swatting at the air, ramming her head into the walls, then started having a seizure. We rushed her to the Vet ER. They sedated her to bathe her to remove the medication. She was vomiting and acting very aggressive. We're now on Day 3 and she is still on IV fluids and can't keep down food. I feel horrible that my pet sick and I can't be there to comfort her. Is my cat gonna die?? They need to discontinue this product if it's hurting pets!!
Betty - Comment
Betty10 Jan 2022Reply
My vet is trying to convince me that it's okay to use Revolution on my 4 month old Ragdoll kitten. I've read so many terrible stories about the side effects to cats! I don't think I could handle it if I caused my kitty to suffer because of me giving her a flea treatment medication! I'm so torn!!!
GregT - Comment
GregT30 Jul 2022Reply
100% healthy, playful 2yr old female cat. Mobile Vac Dr prescribed Reveloution Plus for weight 11.1-22 lbs to avoid heartworm. Tech weighed my cat and carrier with blanket and Dr told her to estimate the carriers weight and deduct from the total weight. Documentation says my cat weighed in at 11.12 lbs. Administered 1 dose on back of the neck. 2 hr later cat appeared to be in shock, staring into space, not moving. Then lathergic, not eating or drinking. After 48hr began forcing water with honey mixture with dropper several times per day. Began responding positively but very little progress. Ate wet catfood but just a few nibbles. After two more days no progress. Still lathergic, would cry if I picked her up, nibble a bit and sleep. Day 5 worry she wouldnt make it. Appeared to be dying. Call a local vet saw her within an hour. Explained what happened. He said my cat was most likely one of those 5% that has a negitive reaction and not to ever give her again. Said my cat had a fever and if he can get the fever down she should begin eating better. So they injected her with saline solution I believe in the upper back under the skin to rapidly hydrate her and two antibiotic shots. Said take her home and see how she does. Within an hour she was dramitically improved, eating much better alert etc. Next day doing pretty good, but still not 100%, but eating pretty good. Reacted positive to picking her up, but still sleeping more than usual. Dr called me today asked me how she was doing. Said let him know in a couple of days. So looks like she will make it, time will tell if 100% recovery. Lastly on the weight issue, the prescribing doctor I belive should have prescribed the smaller dose as her weight was virtually on the absolute borderline better to error on side of caution, if you will. Also, for those of you out there, check the prescribed dose and weight for accuracy. I belive the dose was too big for her. My vet said there no way to be sure, but told me to never give it too her again. One more thing, he told me never give my cat tylonol or asprin for fever as that could easily kill her.
Marcia Favaloro  - Comment
Marcia Favaloro 02 Aug 2022Reply
I have had 3 cats get a horrible disease called cytauxzoonosis Or Bobcat fever. PLEase look it up. If left untreated, it is fatal in 97% of cats who contract it. IF You catch it soon, enough you have a 60% chance that your cat will recover with hospitalization.
Revolution plus is the only flea and tick medicine that can help you fight the Lone Star tick that carries Bobcat fever. My 1st two that got it were totally indoor cats and I feel I must have had a tick on me that dropped off but this disease has killed cats for every single person I know. so whether or not you think that using these drugs on your cat is horrible and you're going to do it naturally, if you live in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, or Missouri, You may come up against Bobcat fever and it kills in 3 to 5 days after symptoms start. Hemolytic anemia causes organ failure & your cats cook from inside with fever over 106°

And the treatment & drugs are extremely expensive ranging $1200-2000 with a long hospital stay. I've used Revolution on my cats for over a year with no side effects other than the cats being really peeved at my for applying it.
Cheryl Saber - Comment
Cheryl Saber10 Sep 2022Reply
I gave my 3 year old a treatment this am , after her breakfast. All she is doing is sleeping but that’s the only thing I am noticing . She hasn’t drank water or eaten anything since.
Shoul I be concerned?
Karen - Comment
Karen11 Sep 2022Reply
Hello everyone! Per vet's advice, I applied Revolution to my 14-week old kitten and 3 year old cat. I didn't touch the product while applying, but I apparently got some on me the next day after handling the kitten. The cats are all just fine (slight loss of appetite), but I am not. The next day I awoke with itching palms, progressing to pin pricks over my body, and two days later, I have hives. Taking allergy med Allegra seems to calm it down, and I assume it will eventually go away. Have used Frontline before with no issues, so first time with Revolution. Anybody experienced this, and if so, what can I expect?
vaporland - Comment
vaporland16 Sep 2022Reply
took my elderly 16 year old cat because she was itching / scratching
this has happened before, in the past antibiotics & steroids cleared it up
the vet pushed revolution hard, I did not want to do it - another cat I used to own HATED it, it made his skin burn
well, my cat went into convulsions and is now having kidney failure
brought to you by pfizer - that's all you need to know
Lisa Roth - Comment
Lisa Roth01 Nov 2022Reply
I applied this treatment to my 2 cats. Four hours later, I was awoken by my cat, restless and scratching every 5 seconds. After I pet him, this continued for another half hour or so until he finally calmed down. This was the first time I had used Revolution Plus on him. He seems miserable. I hope he's not having an allergic reaction to this medication.
Sharon  - Comment
Sharon 06 Dec 2022Reply
My cat a burn a above her left eye.
Darlene Popinchalk  - Comment
Darlene Popinchalk 04 Feb 2023Reply
I have an overweight cat who we are actively trying to help lose weight. We know it's a slow process. No more than 6 oz a week to prevent fatty liver.

She gets labs checked once a year to check for diabetes, kidney function, thyroid. She had been coughing alot but then would go right back to playing. Shes dropped some weight. Coughing became less and less

We've always used revolution plus with her but lately I've noticed every time we put it on her, she coughs and coughs like crazy again. Is this a sign of heart disease? It sounds like a wet cough. I've had our vet check her out, had a cxr, didn't see anything concerning. I wonder if she had congestive heart failure. Her breathing even sounds wet after the coughing episodes...then she just runs off and plays...its crazy. Her worm test was negative as well.

Felicia  - Comment
Felicia 11 Mar 2023Reply
Revolution Plus made my 9.5 yr old male cat very lethargic and lost his appetite after I gave him this product for days afterwards. Didnt want to be picked up. Didnt want to move. Never again. He was like this for a few days, took him to the Vet and he didnt think it was the Revolution Plus. I told him i was putting in an adverse reaction report with the Zoetis manufacturer, as he has never had a reaction to using this product before. This was the 4th time i had used the product on him , there were 6 pipettes in the box. Not using this product or other flea meds ever again. Its been a week and half since his flea meds. He is still not eating much, but is eating. I am very worried this dose plus the previous three doses has built up toxicity in his system. The manufacturer rang me up the next day and whilst they sounded concerned, didnt really help other than try to give me the normal Revolution product. As if i would put more poison on him in the future. Never again. From now on i am using Diatomaceous earth around and under his bed( not on him ).
I hope he picks up with his eating. The Vet gave me Mirtazapine tablet to give him if his appetite wanes.
Plus I put a Shunjite crystal stone in his water bowl to purify his water.
I hope he pulls through. He is my world. The next few weeks will be critical I think to his long term survival. No more flea meds for him ever again.
Do not use Revolution Plus for your cat.
Lesa - Comment
Lesa21 May 2023Reply
3 days post application of Revolution spot on my cat I noticed A bald spot where it was applied , plus it had a red raised crust formed over top and was ozzing a serious drainage like an infected burn. Immediately took her to vets where she agreed it was caused from topically applied revolution and administered an injection of prednisone and an injection of an antibiotic. Since then I have read everything I could on consumer reports from folks all over the country...it's scary stuff these drugs for fleas. I'm looking into homeopathic approaches....am hoping to find something in that arena. My heart aches for all the pet owners who have lost their pets to these awful meds.
Cindy Jeffery  - Comment
Cindy Jeffery 08 Aug 2023Reply
I accidentally put it to close to his skull, he's OK but I hope it doesn't hurt him later. I've been using Revolution for 5 yrs now.
ES - Comment
ES08 Sep 2023Reply
What are the risk of applying revolution plus to a 17-year-old cat with hyperthyroidism?
Nancy Cooke - Comment
Nancy Cooke10 Sep 2023Reply
I heard somewhere that Revolution could help with some kinds of skin infections.
I’m feeding and trying to take care of some abandoned and feral cats in my neighborhood and although he’ll let me pet him(the cat with the abscess), he definitely won’t let me try to catch him to take them to the vet. This cat has an abscess on his ear. I give him Revolution monthly,, and he’s due for his next dose in a couple of days, so Is that true that it may help with the infection?
Kathy Dornbach  - Comment
Kathy Dornbach 09 Nov 2023Reply
The vet gave me revolution to use on my rabbit now he is sickly and the spot I put it on is hot to the touch will he be ok ? He is drinking some water
Will Kay - Comment
Will Kay30 Nov 2023Reply
I am convinced that revolution plus has given my cat lymphoma. He does not have feline leukemia. He’s an indoor cat I do not smoke, nor does anybody my household.
I don’t think vets are going to say that a product they prescribe causes cancer. However, it does.
Stacey - Comment
Stacey05 Feb 2024Reply
Has anybody noticed after applying revolution to their dog that over time as? It built up, they just seemed to get more and more aggressive, to the point that now they bite and are sensitive on their shoulders.?? I am trying to figure out if the revolution has played a part in his progressive aggression which this breeder said none of his dogs have shown signs of aggression ever... I'm at a loss.
Denise Beegle  - Comment
Denise Beegle 25 May 2024Reply
This medicine KILLES MY 8WK OLD PUPPY! I bought my mom a shitzu/pomeranian hybrid puppy, Her name is Little bit. She was 1#3oz. We took her to Vet per usual, and he suggested we give her flea med. My mom questioned this as seems she small for that yet, he assured her she be safe, and medicine was okay for 8wk old pups 0/5# . She came home little bit eas vomiting, wouldn't eat or drink. Mom forced fluids and took her back to vet 2 days later, he gave IV fluids, and honey Stix for sugar prevent hypoglycemia. She still very lethargic, next morning,this moring I get a call from very hysterical Mom barely able talk she was crying so hard. Little bit had died. I KNOW with every ounce of my being this editing killed my mom's very expensive dog, who she loved and had brought her more joy than I had seen since my Dad had passed. I'm angry, sad, and trying my best to not go to jail for putting hands on a trusted vet who more worried about the buck than pup. No way will I ever use any thing like this again, and worse part is she didn't have worms, or fleas. No reason not to wait till she was a bit bigger.

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