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Side Effects and Adverse Reactions of Spaying a Cat

 by brian on 11 Feb 2013 |
15 Comment(s)

After you take your precious princess in to be spayed, you'll want to look out for some common and not so common side effects and reactions that might cause some discomfort for your kitty. Most of these side effects are from the anesthetic used to keep your cat from moving during the surgery, or feeling any pain during the surgery.
Common Spaying Side Effects:
- Digest Upset
- Mild Vomiting
- Mild Inflammation
- Decreased Activity
- Lethargy/Drowsiness
- Pain Around the Incision Site
- Lowered Appetite 48 Hours Post Surgery
- Excessive Licking/Grooming of Surgical Site

Most of these mild reactions are short term, and you can help your cat through them by making sure they get plenty of rest, fresh water, and if they want it; your never waivering affection.
Now, if you're feline friend starts to experience any more extreme side effects, you should call a vet as soon as possible, preferably the vet who preformed your cats surgery. Look out for things like: 
- Dehydration
- Heavy Bleeding
- Excessive Swelling
- Excessive Vomiting
- Infections Around the Incision Site
- Continued Extreme Lethargy After 72 Hours (3 Days)
In general, serious side effects are uncommon, as spaying is a very common procedure in most rural cities and towns. The worst side effect you will probably run into, is a cat who no longer likes going for car rides with you. Though that side effect is worth it for every pet owner who knows their cats will live longer happier lives after being spayed.


donna - Comment
donna25 Apr 2018Reply
I am worried all of the time about her, my cat, she is 1 and half yrs old and she was just spayed a week ago, and she is running under the covers and her stomach is gurgling.
Linda - Comment
Linda04 Aug 2019Reply
My spayed cat now likes to urinate on throw rugs & furniture. Does any one else have this problem?
Tim - Comment
Tim23 Jan 2020Reply
My cat got spayed an came home today but now she is like having a quiet cough that she didn't have before is there anything wrong
Judy Kirk - Comment
Judy Kirk12 Mar 2020Reply
My kitty is 2 months old and constantly passing gas! Is this a side effect of neutering?
Judy - Comment
Judy12 Mar 2020Reply
What caused passing gas in kitten after neutering
Candice Weilert - Comment
Candice Weilert13 May 2020Reply
today my 2 cats got spayed and one seems to be doing okay, but my other cat is going crazy she attacked our other cat and my mother. our vet is closed now. is this just a side affect of the anesthesia or should we be worried?
Linda - Comment
Linda27 Sep 2020Reply
8 month old kitten was spayed yesterday...feeling Grest, good energy and appetite, drinking water....this morning she voided normally...but now in her cat box attempting to void every 2-3 minutes....this is not her normal behavior. What should we do?
Anas Ahmad - Comment
Anas Ahmad24 Oct 2020Reply
I sprayed my cat 72 hours ago.
Second night of her surgery after antibiotic injection she vomited. And from that time till now she has been vomiting exactly after 3 hours of food , doesn't drink water either.
Please help me 😿.
Because vet will be available tomorrow
Jade - Comment
Jade03 Nov 2020Reply
My male cat (6mos) was fixed about a week and a half ago. He was a bit lethargic for a few days but has been acting normal since. The only thing is that since then he has had horribly smelly excessive gas. I read that it's a normal side effect, but how long is it supposed to last? Should I be concerned that it's gone on this long?
stephi - Comment
stephi06 Dec 2020Reply
My female cat was spayed two days ago. She did wee and poo yesterday but has not used the litter tray at all today. Is this normal?
Sharon - Comment
Sharon06 Dec 2020Reply
I was told it could take two days for my girl to get back to her normal litter routine
Dianne - Comment
Dianne12 Jan 2021Reply
My cat was neutered three days ago she did jump around a lot and I stopped her she has a collar on problem by her incision it’s no red and it’s hard around the incision I cannot get a hold of the vet because it’s late did anyone have this problem before she eats well no problem there now she’s sleeping
Erin Blake - Comment
Erin Blake13 Mar 2021Reply
Please help!
I had my cat neutered on 3/6/21. He was a year and a half old. Completely healthy, care free, most loving cat you could meet. I saw him spraying on the morning of the 10th and it had a blood colored tinge to it. I immediately called the place he was neutered and they saw him. I was told he had cystitis and they gave him pain meds, fluids, and antibiotics. When I got home from work the next evening on the 11th I could not find him. I found him lethargic and a severely swollen abdomen. I had to bring him to the vet hospital. The hospital said that he had a blockage and went down the list of options for my boy. After the no guarantee and the thought this could be a reoccuring painful issue we ended up putting him down. I am such a mess and so upset- is this at fault of the neutering clinic for a type of negligence? Should they be financially responsible?
Robin  - Comment
Robin 19 Apr 2021Reply
My cat got spayed a week ago and now she don't want to be petted she's hiding in my closet or laying under my bed she doesn't want to be petted at all and shes not eating or drinking but very very little should I be worried about her??
Heidi  - Comment
Heidi 19 Jan 2022Reply
My kitten was spayed and seemed ok the day of surgery (Friday) but hasn’t eaten since the day of surgery, threw up a couple times and just isn’t himself. The vet gave him an injection for nausea and to help with appetite but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Any idea why? Just not being his normal self
Jennifer  - Comment
Jennifer 08 Mar 2023Reply
My kitten was spaded this morning I got her back at 1pm she can't go toilet so she spends a lot of time in the dry litter box. I seriously regret doing it.

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