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8 Human Foods That Are Dangerous to Cats

 by jaime on 15 May 2014 |
3 Comment(s)

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While you might think it's harmless to slip your cat a little piece of your dinner or to feed them some of your food as part of one of their meals, the shocking truth is that many human foods are dangerous to cats. Here are eight foods that you should never let your cat eat.


1. Garlic and onion

They are common ingredients found in many sauces, soups and many other dishes, but pieces of garlic or onion can cause serious damage if ingested by a cat. They both have an adverse influence on the cat's blood cells, and can lead to the development of anemia (which, in turn, causes weight loss, reduced interest in food, and widespread weakness). Whether fresh or powdered, garlic and onion should be kept far away from your pet.


2. Raw fish

If your cat manages to get hold of a morsel of raw fish, there will probably be no serious consequences. However, if this happens on a regular basis then your pet can develop a vitamin B deficiency that causes weight loss and an increased (but unproductive) appetite. Fish should always be cooked before it reaches a cat's mouth.

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3. Chocolate

Unlike dogs, most cats are not at all interested in eating any chocolate. However, a cat may show interest in a cookie or piece of cake that contains chocolate, and your pet should never be allowed to ingest anything that has chocolate as an ingredient. Chocolate is a source of a chemical called theobromine that is toxic to cats, causing seizures, heart rhythm disorders and even death.


4. Dairy foods

Most cats are very interested in lapping up milk or munching cheese, but (contrary to the stereotype) many of them are actually lactose intolerant. If your cat cannot digest dairy foods, painful episodes of vomiting and diarrhea may follow.


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5. Grapes and raisins

You may have heard that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs, and it is vital to be aware that the same is true for cats. While the mechanism of action is as yet unclear, there have been many cases in which cats that have ingested grapes or raisins have developed acute kidney failure. In some cases, this condition can be fatal.


6. Mushrooms

Some cats will tolerate them without problems. However, there is no way of predicting your pet's reaction, and the toxicity of mushrooms can be life-threatening for some cats.

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7. Tomatoes

Ripe tomatoes are unlikely to cause huge problems for a cat, but unripe or green tomatoes can cause abdominal cramps, episodes of diarrhea, and even heart problems. The safest move is therefore to prevent your cat from ingesting any tomato.


8. Caffeine

Finally, some cats will show interest in licking the rim of a cup that contains tea, coffee, or an energy drink (like Red Bull or Relentless). Unfortunately, caffeine can be very dangerous to your cat, even in very small amounts. It has been known to cause breathing difficulties, and abnormal heart rhythm and fits.


KatWrangler - Comment
KatWrangler19 May 2014Reply
Knew about onions and garlic, tomatoes. Never knew about raw fish and raisins, not that any of my kitties would eat them. But you never know.

Good ingo :)
Jane Singleton - Comment
Jane Singleton19 May 2014Reply
Love the info we get from the news letters. New set up is awesome Love the money we save on buying pet supplies from your company. If I have a question I always get a response from your company. Keep up the great work.
Petbucket Admin - Comment
Petbucket Admin22 May 2014Reply
We were surprised by some of these too, KatWrangler!. Thanks for commenting

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