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Your very own Miniature Panther: The Bombay

 by michele on 27 May 2014 |
4 Comment(s)

With their jet-black glossy satin coat, sleek muscular body and large copper colored eyes, it’s not hard to see why the spectacular looking Bombay has become commonly known as the ‘miniature black panther’. If you aren’t deterred by superstitions relating to black cats, then the Bombay may just be the perfect addition to your household.

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Cat breeder Nikki Horner first developed the Bombay by crossing a Burmese with an American Shorthair in the hope of creating a domestic cat that resembled a wild panther. Bombays are closely related to the Burmese but are larger with longer legs and body.


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These super inquisitive, fun-loving and extremely affectionate cats have also been called “velcro cats” because they become very attached to their owners and love to be around people. For this reason, you should consider getting another cat for companionship if you plan to leave your Bombay alone for long periods of time. They make great family pets and are recommended for apartments, children and the elderly.

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The Bombay has a short, low-shed coat which requires minimal grooming. However, if you brush your Bombay at least once a week, this will increase the gloss and shine of their coat. Bombays are not prone to any major health issues but according to the Animal Planet web site, they can suffer from sinus problems and runny eyes.

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KatWrangler - Comment
KatWrangler02 Jun 2014Reply
We have a Bombay named October/Toby. He is definitely a Velcro kitty and lots of fun. He does have terrible sinuses - we have to get him shots every Spring :( But I'd never be able to get him to wear a sweater.

PS: let's work to get rid of the superstition about black cats. They're wonderful ! <3
Alexandra - Comment
Alexandra02 Jun 2014Reply
Another sweet Miau, they resemble my Masha who is 3/4 Maine Coon and already 17 years old
Jenny Braun - Comment
Jenny Braun02 Jun 2014Reply
Thank you for showing us these gorgeous cats...I just love them!
Petra - Comment
Petra20 Apr 2022Reply
My miniature panther is my best friend when he sees me or hears me cry he jumps on me and comfort me and lays with me all night he's my life

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