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Pet Eye Irritations: The Symptoms and What They Mean

 by danielle on 08 Jul 2014 |
3 Comment(s)
Eye irritations can be a symptom of a number of serious conditions that require quick medical treatment for the sake of your pet’s continued health. Some signs of irritation are noticeable though others are less so, read on to discover the signs of eye trouble: 

If you dog or cat is squinting it may be a symptom of a number of different conditions. A mild irritation, caused by an irritant such as a seed blowing into the pet’s eye, may cause a squint with accompanying tear production until it is dislodged.
However squinting may also be caused by something serious such as blastomycosis or cancer. Without veterinary examination it may not be possible to tell what the squinting signifies, so a visit to a professional animal health expert is always the best option.



The colour of discharge generally indicates the problem your pet might be suffering. Speaking broadly, clear discharge with no other apparent issues points to a problem with the tearing mechanism.

Discharge accompanied by redness suggests conjunctivitis, and is quite common. Infection is betrayed by a thick green or yellow discharge.

If your dog or cat is pawing at their face or otherwise indicating their eye is paining them with the appearance of any variety of discharge, inner eye or corneal problems are likely. 

Cloudy Eye:

A cloudiness in the eye is often present in older dogs and is simply a sign of the formation of cataracts. However in younger dogs and other cases, it may be a symptom of keratitis, glaucoma, uveitis or corneal edema.

Puffy Eyelids:


Puffy eyelids can be an indication of allergies as it is usually caused as a result of water passing out of circulation and into the tissues in response to irritation. Insect bites, new foods or medicines are the most common allergens.
Note, viral infections are also possible causes of eyelid swelling.  



CLaire - Comment
CLaire28 Jun 2016Reply
MY calico cat has a puffy eyelid what can i do to help her?
Kaitlynn - Comment
Kaitlynn28 Feb 2017Reply
My cat also has this problem. Comes and goes every month or 2.
stacy - Comment
stacy31 Dec 2021Reply
I do not care how cold it is outside, me and anyone who smokes needs to go outside bc I am wondering if this may be an allergic reaction?? She definitely hates smokes but most likely irritates her eyes. Disgusting habit, no more excuses!!!

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