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Why Is My Cat Licking The Wall?

 by michelle on 02 Aug 2014 |
3 Comment(s)
Does this look familiar?
Many cat owners are accustomed to cats licking themselves, but not so much the walls. The reason for this unusual habit is likely a medical or behavioral issue, and the best way to determine which is with a trip to the vet.
  • Medical Conditions: Cats have been shown to lick non-food items due to a deficiency in their diet.  Diets low in iron, and other essential nutrients may lead to cat anemia. Besides an iron deficient diet, anemia could also be an indicator of more serious diseases such as feline leukemia. Thankfully, a simple blood test can determine whether or not your cat is anemic.
  • Boredom: Your cat’s unusual licking habit may simply be due to boredom. It’s possible your cat is just bored and seeking attention. Try providing your cat with new toys or a companion to make his environment more engaging. 
    • Spraying Grannick’s Bitter Apple spray on an area of your wall your cat likes to lick could also help break the habit. This spray works as a taste deterrent, leaving an unpleasant flavor on the wall that is completely safe for your cat and walls.
    • Compulsive Behavior: If you’ve ruled out boredom and all medical conditions, it's possible that your cat’s odd habit has developed into a compulsive disorder. At this point, consider talking to your vet about an anti-anxiety medication.


Rozangela - Comment
Rozangela16 Jan 2018Reply
Minha gata cianes está com uma tosse com piado tipo asma n sei o que dar mais creio que falta uma ração com vitamina para ela .tem 10,anos
Eliana Pastor - Comment
Eliana Pastor24 Nov 2020Reply
Queria que me.enviasse uma vitamina para minha gata siamesa, ela tem habito de lamber parede e.o piso de cimento,
Esta com ansiedade tambem necesito uma coisa que ela puede 91063qchupar para ansiedad
Eliane Go mes de Brito - Comment
Eliane Go mes de Brito26 Nov 2020Reply
Olá a minha gatá lambe tijolo e parede e agora de um tempo pra cá as pernas cairam pelos lambe mto tb .sei tem ir veterinario mas gato e uma dificuldade pra leva los anualmente .qdo vêem casinha. Complicado.então será falta vitamina ferro e tb o irmão dela bate e perturba mto tb será estresse. Pode me instruir porq até dar remédio e difícil o certo injecao ou algo pra lamber mas remédio os gatos e difícil. Obrigada.

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