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Milbemax Wormer Tasty Cats 4.4-17lbs (2-8kg) - 4 Tablets

Milbemax Wormer for large provides broad spectrum protection against internal parasites.

Expiry date: 08/2025
Milbemax Cat 2-8 kg Four Tablet Pack is not your everyday milquetoast pet medication. This all in one worm preventative is a wide-ranging intestinal dewormer used in the treatment of cats to protect against:
  • Roundworm
  • Hookworm
  • Tapeworm
The active ingredient in Milbemax, Praziquantel, causes tapeworms to muscle spasm, after which they are assaulted and destroyed by enzymes. Plus, if you treat your cat every month, Milbemax is also effective in the prevention of Heartworm. Milbemax for cats is a tiny, tasty beef flavored treat in tablet form that is so delicious your kitty will eat it right out of your hand.
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Questions & Answers (12)
Does it work both for internal and external parasites? Or just internal?
This is a wormer. It only works intestinal parasites.
Can we buy your products from u.s.a. And can we be certain that we will not have any trouble with the customs.
Yes we ship this product to USA without problems.
Does this work for tapeworms ?
Yes it works for tapeworms.
Will this medication kill worms as well as prevent
Yes this is very effective de-wormer which kills worms.
My cats are 4kg(9lbs). Is it okay to prevent heartworm that giving him a half of tablet every month? Or do I have to give a tablet every month?
If your cat is 4 kg., the effective dose would be the whole tablet.
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S. Dvorsky
Great product!
H. Delorey
Cat dewormer
Works good made my kitty feel better again
Janice Hoyle
Very pleased with products and service. I have been using them for a long time.
Sharon Kelloway
Excellent service,excellent product and fast delivery!!! Will be definitely ordering from you again.
Janice Hoyle
Always excellent. Thank you.
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