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Seresto Flea Collar for Small Dogs

Seresto Tick and flea collar protects your dog against ticks, fleas and lice for 8 months!

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Product Description
Seresto is a completely new way to protect your pet from those nasty parasites that can infest your dog and pass on diseases.
Seresto is a revolutionary Flea AND Tick prevention collar that saves you having to remember monthly applications like other treatments.
Why is it revolutionary?  Because  Seresto works by releasing a sustained, active, low dose of protection that will be effective for 7-8months.
A collar is an easy to use method of flea and tick protection.  It is odour free, water resistant and non greasy to handle.  This product will fit the dogs up to 18 lbs  (8 kg).
* This item is not shipped to the USA
Questions & Answers (22)
Id like to order this to use from March, 2020 to Sept, 2020. When is the expiration date if I order this today (12,Feb, 2020) ?
All our products have a long expiry date, typically 24 to 36 months. You won't have any problems.
Hello, i have Mini Maltese, she is 3 month , She is one kg, is this seresto collar ok for her? , and I’m going to order also advocate for her, can i use Advocade drops for her? Thank u
Seresto collars could be safely used on adult dogs and puppies of seven weeks of age and older.
My adult Chi weighs 5pd 14 oz. Is the sm Seresto collar ok for her ?
Yes you should use Seresto small size on your dog.
What's the length of the collar?
It is 15 inch long.
My 4 month old beagle pup is about 18 pounds at this time and I am probably going to get the large collar. My question is, do we cut off the excess collar? I worry that if the excess is kept on, then the medicine may be too much for him.
Any excess length of the collar beyond an inch past the loop should be cut off. Please watch this video for more info :-)
Product Reviews (12)
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Share your thoughts with other customers
Jina Yu
Amazing product!
Have been used from April to October and haven't found any bitten spots on my dog! Strongly recommend :)
K. Serrano
Free of fleas
Very pleased. It was recommended by a fellow dog rescuer. All itching and signs of fleas disappeared within a day!
S. Lee
Seresto collars work.
I have been using Seresto for over a year. I would recommend to family and friends.
L. Surdobvel
Happy with Soresto
We love this product as it is fast acting and since we live in Florida, our two dogs are exposed to all types of little critters. Although the product states it last for 7-8 months, we get them every six months as by then the protection is staring to fade and we don’t want to take chances.
L. Latour
Awesome collar.
Works 8+ months. My dogs have never had a flea because of this collar and it works. No odor and adjustable lengths.
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