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Nexgard Spectra Large 33 - 66 lbs (15 - 30 kg) - 3 pack

Nexgard Spectra is the only treatment you need to protect your fury friend against internal and external parasites.

Expiry Date: 04/2025
Fantastic new product which covers almost all parasites. One chew protects your dog following parasites for a month:
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Heartworm
  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
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Questions & Answers (5)
Is this medicine safe for whelping and breeding dogs?
This is the quote from the manufacturer. "The safe use of NexGard in pregnant, breeding, or lactating dogs has not been evaluated."
Is this the same as the NexGard Spectra sold in UK which also prevents lungworm, and do you ship to the UK (not seeing in dropdown option).
Yes this is exactly the same product. We source our Nexgard Spectra lines from the UK.
Does this medication kill the dog tick and lone star tick? These are the most predominate ticks in southwestern Missouri.
NexGard Spectra contains the ingredient afoxolaner which targets and kills adult fleas before they can lay eggs. NexGard kills Lone Star ticks, Black-legged ticks, American dog ticks and Brown dog ticks.
When will this product be available in 6 and 12 packs?
There is a worldwide shortage on this product due to some production line issues. We believe 6 and 12 packs will be available from autumn 2018.
Can you ship to Indonesia?
Yes, we do.
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I'm here to make a repeat purchase.
Works as describe for 1/4 what the Clinic wanted for their Brand
This product really works, I have a Samoyed who cannot take Advantix nor Frontline due to his skin so a chewable Tab it is! The Clinic originally had me Purchase their recommended Brand 1 for Flees & Tics, the other for Worm Prevention (2 chews every months) this 1 product does the same as those 2 products, covers more worms than theirs and costs a hell of a lot less !!! I am sold ! Getting it for the 2 cats too (nicknamed Chaos & Mayhem) lol
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