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Flea Circus at the Dog Park

 by zack on 14 Sep 2012 |
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Everyone loves to take their dog to the Dog Park. The mutt burns some energy, socializes with other dogs, and you get to enjoy the sight of happy hounds frolicking. The only thing you have to worry about is picking up some unwanted guests, namely fleas or ticks, from the dog park grounds or the other dogs. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your dog’s wellbeing during his Dog Park visit. Vet recommended canine parasite medications are readily available, as well as home remedies, and protective chemical barriers that can boost your pet’s defenses to near impenetrable levels. All so you can keep the dog park from turning into a flea circus.

The Preventative Strike

The Dog Park is enemy territory, to make an incursion you’ve got to be prepared. The first step in an effective defense is prevention. There are effective medicines that can shield your pet from the malicious pests plaguing you both. Canine parasite medications like Frontline, Comfortis, and Revolution all meet the task admirably, and they are all available from your favorite online Pet Supermarket.
No one can hurt me here. The dog castle is impregnable!
The Castle Walls
Once you’ve decided on a monthly treatment, it’s time to go the extra mile. If you’ve got a scheduled visit to your local dog park, then dress your dog appropriately with a flea/tick collar. These handy implements will spread a thin layer of parasite repellant across your pup’s body, and send any unwanted visitors packing with a poisonous rebuttal.

Final Preparations

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.As if these two precautions weren’t enough to deter even the boldest parasites lurking in your local dog park, there are some home remedies that can be effective in weeding out the mostresilient of your tiny foes. For example, mix a small amount of garlic into your dog’s meals. The garlic is absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream and the pungent flavor proves unpalatable for the picky flea.

Just as a citronella candle will keep mosquitos at bay, the more earthbound bloodsucking flea tries to avoid the scent of citronella as well. To put this trick to good use, take a bandana or scarf and drop a few drops of citronella onto it. Wrap the small garment around your pet’s neck and give them a pretty new accessory as well as the assurance of an itch free afternoon.
Home remedies like these can prove fairly, but shouldn’t be seen as substitutes for the overall protection of a proven canine parasite medication. However, they can fill in the gaps and help put one more barrier between your pet and his predators.

Avoid the Flea Circus!

Always remember to check your dog for fleas after a day at the dog park. When the pooches intermingle so closely it’s a safe bet that one of them has rolled in something they shouldn’t have, and it’s only a short hop for a single flea to start a new colony on your dog’s hide. Start defending your dog with an effective canine parasite medication today.


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