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Cats and Dogs III: The Quest for Peace

 by zack on 20 Nov 2012 |
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There are a few more important aspects getting cats and dogs living together that we’ve yet to discuss. As we learned in the last post, introductions are important, and shouldn’t be rushed through at all. Instead, a slow, methodical, and supervised tactic should be observed over a number of weeks acclimatizing the cat to the dog and vice versa. Unrestricted face to face encounters should be saved until the dog can reliably be called to heel despite the distracting advent of the cat. The cat needs to be comfortable with its surroundings, and able to get away from the dog whenever it feels threatened. In addition to these hard and fast rules, there are a number of intangibles to look out for.

When picking out pets to round out your household, a conscientious pet owner should always take temperament and attitude into account. Playful cats are more likely to get along with playful dogs. Independent dogs won’t be as likely to irritate more self-concerned cats. It’s a simple thought, but one that pays big dividends if it is observed. Choosing pets with complimentary personalities goes a long way in successfully getting cats and dogs living together.

Earlier it was mentioned about cats that they need safe-havens to escape to when the dog becomes too overbearing. Most cats can manage to find these sorts of things out for themselves, but if you have a perchless homestead, you might want to invest in some kind of jungle gym climbing equipment for your kitty. A few steps with scratching post pillars and cat nip embedded within should do the trick. Just so long as it’s tall enough for the cat to retreat from the dog upon.
One obvious dynamic that we’ve yet to mention is the age of the pets. Trying to get adult cats and dogs living together is far more difficult than teaching a puppy and a kitten to do the same. Younger animals are always quicker to socialize, play, and learn about one another. Such is the inquisitive and adorable nature of the youth. Even so, it is still important to regulate the dog when the cat is being overwhelmed, and the cat needs to be kept in line if it ever begins to bully the dog. Although it is okay to enjoy an initial laugh at the dog’s expense. Just be sure to correct the behavior soon thereafter.

The whole idea to getting cats and dogs living together happily is balancing out the conflicts in their personalities. A dog can’t be overly dominant of the cat, and the cat can’t be overtly aggressive toward the dog. You have to have two equally submissive pets recognizing your authority as the alpha of your household. Once the pecking order is clearly established, the introductions have been made at the proper pace, and all of the intangibles have been observed and orchestrated you can move begin to enjoy the  silly displays of affection and merrymaking that your cats and dogs will inevitably perform for your entertainment.


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