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10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dog

 by amanda on 14 Dec 2012 |
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If you're stumped for ideas of what to get your best friend for Christmas, we've got 10 gift ideas you might enjoy!
10. Home Made Peanut Butter Dog Treats - A home made meal definitely warms the heart, but nothing tingles those canine taste buds like home made peanut butter dog treats. Plus, they are a healthy way to include your pet when you're making treats for the rest of the family.
9. Repurposed Dog Toys and Beds - There reason your holiday gifts cannot be both amazing and practical, which means you are green lighted to get your puppy some repurposed dog toys, or maybe some new bedding to keep them warm during the cold winter nights.
8. A Doggy Car Seatbelt - This is a great gift to get for the dog who lives to ride in the car as often as they possibly can. A doggy seatbelt makes sure that they are safely buckled in like everyone else, which means they are less at risk to cause an accident by distracting their driver, and less at risk if an accident happens for any other reason.
7. Doggy Day Spa Trip - Not all dogs will enjoy this gift, but for the pampered pooch who loves to be babied, groomed and fawned over for a day, will love a trip to a doggy day spa.
6. Recycled Tire ToysKong is the most popular brand around here, though you might know other fantastic dog toy makers who create the funnest toys out of recycled tire rubber. Even if you haven't ever heard of them before, recycled tire toys are fantastic for dogs with a need to chew (and chew and chew..), which makes them a great gift to let your pup unwrap to keep them busy while you make the evening dinner.
5. A New Harness - Little or big, a harness is the gift to get for any dog who is still using a simple collar for walks. Harnesses are way more comfortable than collars, and they offer the leash-holder a much greater amount of control over the outcome of each daily walk.
Curled Up Dachsun in his New Bed
4. A New Home - There is no gift better than love, and this holiday season, one of the most effective ways to bring more love into your life, is with a new puppy. And what better Christmas present is there for a new little pup, than a home with you?
3. A Larger Kennel - If your pup has nearly outgrown his or her kennel, or their kennel is badly in need of an update, you might consider doing some shopping for a new crate or kennel that fits your pups needs and compliments your household style.
2. Homemade Kibble - If you haven't yet checked out our homemade peanut butter kibble recipe, now would be a good time to do so. Especially since food always makes a fantastic snack for any canine companion. 
1. Doggy Snow Shoes - If winter's where you are, are cold and snowy, then you pup will love you for getting them a pair of comfy snow shoes. They are designed to keep their feet protected from the harsher elements of winter, and many of them come in optional colors, for those dogs who like to accessorize. 
Nothing says Christmas Cheer like a Pest-Free Home for the Holidays             
Advocate Parasite Treatment for Dogs
Nothing says Pest-Free like Advocate for Dogs.

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