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7 Canine Country Covers

 by simone on 30 Apr 2014 |
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“I buried my best bone but my girlfriend stole it and gave it to the Beagle next door”

A compilation of the best canine country covers.
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1. Rawhide

“Rollin,’ rollin,’ rollin’ – keep them corgis rollin’. Taking a leaf out of The Blues Brothers’ performance book, The Paw Brothers surprised critics with their showmanship when they released this classic.


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2. Pawhide 

Every success spurns a parody and none is better than ‘Pawhide’ by Weird Al Barkovic whose chants of “Bowlin’, bowlin’, bowlin’ and the hilarious video became a viral sensation. 


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3. King of the Road

This ode, embracing the freedom that being poor can provide, has never sounded better than from the furiously smacking cheeks of Hank Furry.


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4. Boys from the Bush

And they’re definitely back in town! Ladies watch out for members of the Outback Club – unless of course you want an unforgettable Saturday.



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5. Where have all the Cowdogs Gone?

Dusty Springerfield’s forlorn tale of failing love tugged at the heartstrings of many music fans. 


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6. Duncan

As Spot and Dot sang, “I love to have a beer with Duncan, ‘cos Duncan’s me mate,” Australian dogs rejoiced at the updated version of Slim Dusty’s iconic ‘tail’ of friendship. 


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7. Jolene

The stunning lady featured in the video for Daisy Doggone’s cover of ‘Jolene’ encapsulates perfectly Dolly Parton’s vision of an incomparable beauty, whose flaming auburn hair and eyes of emerald green sets men’s hearts wagging. 


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