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Unlikely Animal Friendships That Make Your Heart Melt

 by danielle on 11 Oct 2022 |
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We are used to crossing the interspecies boundary when it comes to us and our pets – though we aren’t the only other creatures dogs and cats can open their hearts too. Here are a bunch of unlikely, and incredibly heartwarming BFFs. 

The Elephant and the Labrador 

Bubbles the elephant and Bella the Labrador Retriever love nothing more than to go for walks together and go for long swims. They call the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina home and are a popular attraction. The 9000 pound elephant and dog met when Bella was abandoned by a contractor hired to build Bubbles a new swimming pool. They have been inseparable ever since. 

The Fox and the Hound

Right out of a Disney movie, Sniffer the red fox and Tinni the dog are best buddies. Torgeir Berge, Tinni’s owner, has used the popularity of the odd couple through Facebook to start a campaign against the fur trade. They recently also had a song written about them by Berit Helberg. 

The Cat and the Dolphins 

Arthur the cat and the dolphins Thunder and Shiloh became fast friends when they met at Islamorada Marine Park. The dolphins nuzzled him while Arthur pawed at their noses. Aww! 

The Kitten and the Iguana

Found in a dumpster, the kitten Ash was adopted by a man named James when he heard about her plight. James’ red iguana Captain became about as fond of Ash as her new owner and now they are the best of friends. 

The Cat and the Ducklings

Sadly, mother-cat Hiroko lost her kittens. When her owner accidentally shut her in the room where he had left his two recently hatched spot-billed ducklings, Hiroko decided to make them her new ‘kittens’ and now grooms and coddles them as if they were her own litter.  


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