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15 Dogs Who Are Terrible At Hide And Seek

 by michelle on 24 May 2014 |
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1. "Ready or not, here I come... Oh, I guess you weren't ready."

2. Points for creativity! 

3. "Hey buddy, you didn't happen to see a puppy come through here recently?"

4. Rule number one of hiding: be silent and stay very still.

5. "Hmmm, doesn't look like there's anyone hiding in the bedroom..."
image credit

6. "Can you see me now, how about now?"
7. "Just because you can't see me, doesn't mean I can't see you!"

8. "Nothing to see here, just a mini horse grazing."
9. "I didn't remember this bed being so fluffy!"

10. "That upside-down dog bed is a little suspicious looking!"

 image credit
11. I think you're a little too husky to hide in there!

12. "A" for effort. 
13. "What do you know! A couch with a tail!"

 image credit

14. "Something is different about that one in the middle..."

15. "Okay I give up! You're practically invisible."


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