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A Kennel Fit For A King

 by danielle on 25 May 2014 |
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People sent to the ‘doghouse’ might not mind so much if they had to settle in the canine pad built by one dog lover in the United Kingdom.
A pair of beloved Great Danes have had £250,000 dropped by their surgeon mistress to create one of a kind dog kennel on her 550 acre Lower Mill Estate at the Cotswolds Water Park, near Cirencester.


For their enjoyment, the kennel features sheepskin-lined temperature-controlled beds and a £150,000 sound system and a plasma TV with a 52-inch screen. Automatic dispensers ensure dry food for snaking on and chilled, filtered water is always available for the pampered pooches.

It also includes an 18-inch deep spa with a saline treatment built in, which has been proven help keep dog coats in premium condition.

To ensure no sibling squabbles, each dog has its own bedroom which large windows with a view of their own personal playgrounds. Of course they also have an air-conditioning and heating system to ensure the Great Danes are always cosy and never hot.
Webcams are installed throughout the dog apartment so their lady owner can monitor her pet’s activities throughout the day.
A retina scanner is installed at the front door to ensure no other neighbourhood dogs are sneaking into the exclusive pet retreat.

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The kennel was designed by award-winning architect Andy Ramus. It's about a quarter of the size of the main residence ‘Hedron House’ which has been priced at £1.4 million.
Not only is it super luxurious, the kennel is also eco-friendly. The main house and kennel produce more energy than they use, utilizing an underground heat pump, geothermal heating and its own solar and wind power. 

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