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Tips to Make Your Dog's Coat Shine

 by danielle on 15 Jun 2014 |
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Would you like your dog's coat to glow with health? Here are four ways to get your pet's fur super shiny and soft. 

Watch What They Eat


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The quality of a coat is often a reflection of your pet’s insides. A healthy diet is the first step to making your dog’s fur glossy.
Premium pet food with a high protein content and low amounts of grain is great for improving your dog's coat, as is the addition of a small amount of oil. Vegetable, sunflower, olive, coconut and fish oil are ideal, though take care not to add too much – a teaspoon will do – as an oversupply can lead to diarrhea.
Lots of Brushing!

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Dogs naturally produce skin oils that make their coats shiny. Brushing stimulates skin and hair follicles to produce more of these oils that enhance your dog’s hairdo.
Brushing can also help to remove dead hair which can contribute to your dog's hair looking dull. Dead hair can also block pores, which minimize the flow of skin oils. 
For longer hair breeds especially, regular brushing also helps to reduce unsightly tangles and burrs.
Keep the Number of Baths Down


Dogs who aren’t keen on baths will be happy to hear too many are a bad idea. Baths strip natural oils and decrease coat condition, so keep your pooch’s time in the tub to a minimum.
When bath time does come around, gentle cleansers like oatmeal shampoo are a good idea, as they are less likely to strip oils from your pet’s fur. Oatmeal shampoo also contains Vitamin E that is a natural softener.
After shampooing, using a specially designed pet conditioner is great for adding softness and shine.  


Exercise is great for your pet’s general health, which is linked to super shiny fur. Walks in the park, running on the beach and playing fetch stimulates blood and oxygen which add nutrients to the coat.


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