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6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained While You're At Work

 by michelle on 12 Jul 2014 |
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Our canine companions depend on us for much of their entertainment. Even when you're not around, there are several ways to keep your dog entertained. Whether you're at work or runnning errands, here are some ideas to keep your dog happy and your house intact:

1. Designate a doggy den

Pick an area of your home where you think your dog will feel safe and comfortable while you're away. This is the perfect place to keep their toys, crate, treats, and self-filling water bowl. Your dog will spend most of their alone time sleeping, so it's important to provide your dog with a comfy bed!

2. Toys!

Food Dispensing Toys: Keep your dog’s belly full with toys that reward them with a treat after completing the task of getting it out. Many of these toys, including the KONG brand, come with different levels of difficulty for dogs with varyin  levels of intelligence. Alternatively, freezing your dog’s wet food and kibble inside of a toy for use the next day is another great way to keep them occupied for long periods of time.
Indestructible Chew Toys: Toys such as bones may become choking hazards to dogs when broken apart after excessive chewing, but indestructible toys like rope knots are a safer alternative. In addition to keeping your dog happy, all the chewing will help your dog’s oral hygiene.
   Puzzle Toys: Dogs that are alone for extended periods of the day need to be stimulated to keep them sharp. These types of toys give your dog the opportunity to problem solve and use different parts of their brains.

3. Hire a dog walker
  If affordable, hiring a dog walker may be exactly what your dog needs. Dog walkers can take your dog on a range of walks, from a quick lap around the block to a full hour long hike. Your dog walker should be trustworthy, reliable, and someone that both you and your dog get along with. 

4. TV & Music

Leaving the TV on can be a great way to keep your dog engaged. DogTV, a new television channel created specifically for your dog, shows 3-6 minute segments of everyday dog activities ranging from riding in a car to belly rubs. If you don't have DirectTV, there's always Animal Planet!
Research has shown that classical music has calming qualities for our furbabies. Consider creating a playlist with Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart and leaving it on for your dog when you leave the house. 

5. Dog playdates

A great way to socialize your dog and keep them entertained is with a friend. Ask your friends and neighbors who have dogs if they would be willing to take your dog in for a few hours during the day, so they can have fun with another dog under supervision.

6. Doggy daycare

Although a more expensive option, daycare is great for people who are not comfortable leaving their dogs home alone all day. There are many different types of daycare inclduing half-day and full-day options, and the prices vary depending on the provider. To learn more check out our article here.

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