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6 Ways To Calm A Stressed Out Puppy

 by danielle on 23 Jul 2014 |
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Puppies can be hyperactive super-charged balls of fun – but sometimes they can put all that energy into worrying. Here are our tips on how to best calm your little friend down:
1. Ignore your pup until they start acting a little more sensible


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It may sound harsh, but if you speak to your puppy every time they jump on you and cry their behaviour is reinforced by your attention. Puppies can even prefer scolding and act out purposefully to attract your gaze rather than suffer being left to themselves. Gently ignoring them when they are too silly for their own good can be the best deterrent for over-rambunctiousness or whining.
To encourage positive behaviour - whenever they are quiet, give them a treat or praise them for being a good dog.

2. Give them a work out

Exercise not only improves you puppy’s health, it can also be a great way to use up extra energy and excited nerves. Afterwards your puppy will probably be more than happy to curl up and go to sleep in a nice soft spot in the house.

3. Practice the art of re-direction

When your puppy starts worrying, one solution is to distract them with something else you would prefer they focused upon, such as a chew toy, or practice your newest training command.

4. Create a puppy retreat
Does your puppy have somewhere pleasant to relax? Make sure you have a cosy puppy corner a dog would love to spend time in, with a soft bed and some favourite toys. Dogs prefer to be in proximity to their ‘pack’ so place it far enough away they avoid the traffic of the family home, but can still see and hear you.
A ticking clock wrapped in a towel or a sock can be a good addition to a puppy’s bedding as the tick mimics the sound of their mother’s heartbeat and is something they find naturally relaxing. A hot water bottle to keep them warm and remind them of the feeling of being curled up with their brothers and sisters can also be a helpful addition.

5. Establish a strict routine

Like most animals, dogs thrive on predictability. It may sound boring, but a daily schedule that stays about the same can be comforting to dogs young and old. Feeding, exercising and playing in a routine manner can help to calm over-excited and nervous pups.

6. Keep your cool

It is important when trying to get your puppy to relax you set a good example and remain calm and collected no matter what mischief they get up to. If you get frustrated and shout it is more likely to encourage hyperactive behaviour than discourage it. Being calm and consistent with your responses is the way to get the best out of your pup.



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