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Should You Go Roller Skating With Your Dog?

 by jaime on 20 Aug 2014 |
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We all know how important it is to make sure your dog has plenty of regular exercise, usually in the form of a brisk walk or even some swimming in the warmer weather – but what happens if you're partial to roller skating? Is that a suitable activity to enjoy with your dog?

For every supporter of roller skating with dogs, there is also critics who claim it's dangerous for both you and your dog.

While roller skating with your dog is a really fun activity and is a great way to provide them with really strenuous exercise, it's not an activity that anyone can just pick up and do.

Before you take your dog with you on a skating jaunt, you first need to be a proficient and experienced skater yourself, used to responding quickly to different surfaces and obstacles. Secondly, your dog also needs to be obedient so you're able command them to stop if things get out of hand.

While it seems like a lot of fun, and it can be, there are some dangers to consider before strapping on the skates.

  • A dog that hasn't been trained enough, can get caught up in the leash, causing potential injury to the owner and/or the dog.
  • An unruly dog can take off and rumble through pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Dogs can take off after other dogs and small animals.
  • Can easily trip, fall and injure yourself on pavements, uneven surfaces and small obstructions.

Tips for a fun and safe skating experience

  • Make sure you've received proper skating training or are very proficient at it.
  • Get your dog plenty of obedience training – particularly the ability to stop on command.
  • Choose places to skate without vehicles.
  • Go skating at times of day where less people are around-early morning is a good option.
  • Wear all the appropriate safety gear.
  • Make sure you obey all safety rules and regulations – and remain alert.
  • Be mindful of other pedestrians – and be polite!
  • Use a longer leash than normal, in fact using a harness leash is best to avoid choking in cases of emergency.
  • If it's hot weather, only skate for a short amount of time, or leave your dog at home, or even stick to a good old classic walk (or swim!)
  • Keep your dog hydrated.
  • Don't go too hard too soon – work to levels that you're both comfortable with.
  • If the ground is too hot, your dog won't be able to cool down as they perspire through their feet.
  • Keep a close eye on your dog's movements as running on the pavement can be hard on your dog's joints. If it looks like they are showing signs of discomfort – stop.
  • Check your dog's feet for worn down pads – if they have become worn down, take your dog off to the vet.

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