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How Containment Systems Can Be Useful For You And Your Cat

 by jaime on 13 Sep 2014 |
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Some people are quite against the idea of installing a containment system for their cat. And that's OK. But it must be said, they can provide lasting solutions for a multitude of problems. And, more often than not cats react positively to them whilst achieving peace of mind for owners.

First, you need to be clear about your motivation - why do you need to put a containment system in place? If you are clear about your goal, you are bound to choose the right containment system for you and your cat and will achieve your desired outcome.

Note, before buying a containment system, always do your research and always have your cat's temperament in mind.

In-ground fences

How they work:
In ground fencing systems work by installing a boundary wire either in-ground or fixed to an object, encompassing the boundary you want to set. Radio signals from a transmitter communicate with the wire, while your cat wears a collar that has contact points. When in use, your cat will receive a warning beep as they near the boundary. If they enter the boundary zone a static correction signal is sent to your cat who should be immediately deterred. Once your cat has learned where the boundary is (ordinarily it doesn't take that long) they then no longer need to wear the collar. Bear in mind, it can take a couple of weeks of daily training to get your cat used to this, but for many owners the outcomes are well worth the effort.

Once trained, your cat should be quite happy with the redefined territory, however always take your cat's personality into consideration and if you notice any negative behaviour, stop using the system immediately.

Who is it useful for?
If your cat gets in to fights, is out all night or has had near misses with dogs, foxes or cars you are probably already feeling anxious about your cat being outside unsupervised, so a system like this can still allow your cat freedom to be outside but protected from dangerous situations.

Spray deterrents

How they work:
Essentially, the device is able to detect when a pet is approaching the no-go zone and a harmless spray and/or alarm is released, startling your pet and causing them to turn away. It bears no ill effect on your pets, yourself or the environment.

There are also outdoor repellants which can help keep cats out of your garden. Rather than a spray, it produces a high-decibel sound that sends cats running.

Who is it useful for?
Many cat owners dislike their cats jumping up on counters and food preparation surfaces - so this is a perfect solution for keeping them out of certain areas of your home. It's also great for parents of newborns, who want to keep their cat still accustomed to indoor life, but away from the baby's nursery. Just remember to keep any fragile items out of the spray zone because you can expect your cat to have all limbs akimbo!

Be prepared, that you may need to retrain your pet every so often if certain areas become too irresistible again.


How they work:
Well, a cage is a cage - so you can imagine how it works! The beauty of using a cage as a containment system is that it doesn't take long to set up and there's no real need to provide any training!

Who is it useful for?
There are a number of reasons why a cage would be useful. These include: if you are introducing a new cat to the household or existing cats aren't getting along then this is a great way to isolate them (but make sure to swap who has to spend time in the cage as this helps break the cycle of aggression.) If you are travelling with your cat, you can keep them in the cage at your destination or at pit stops so they can still enjoy the benefits of being outside while removing the possibility of them running away. It's also a great way to give owners peace of mind because they can place their cats in the cage, knowing they are safe.

Crates are big enough to keep all your cat's essentials in there with them, and once used to the idea of the cage, they quite often regard them as a safe zone and a retreat.
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