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Could Your Dog Benefit From A Bolster Bed?

 by danielle on 01 Oct 2014 |
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A dog bed is an important purchase that every owner must make. Ultimately, beds bring warmth and protection to dogs, allowing them to relax and sleep comfortably, off cold, hard floors. Not only this, a dog bed keeps your pooch off your furniture and is a good way to condense the spead of dirt, hair and dander throughout your home. Plus a bed can be a much needed retreat for our four legged friends, much in the same way we can grow very attached to our own beds!

Before making any purchase, you should always consider your dog's size, age and how they like to sleep.

In this article, we're exploring the bolster bed and what sort of dogs they are suitable for.

Essentially, bolster beds are dog beds with raised edges around some or all sides of the main mattress. They come in various styles including half-bolster beds or ones that give 360-degrees of support.


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Dogs that would benefit from a bolster bed include:
  • Anxious dogs, as bolster beds can provide a great sense of security. By enclosing the dog in a smaller space, they may feel less exposed than they would sleeping in a standard, flat dog bed.
  • Large breeds are ideal candidates for a bolster bed, but most dogs can benefit from the comfort a bolster bed can provide.
  • Dogs that like to sleep with their head on an armrest or pillow. Just as some people prefer to lie on their stomach when sleeping versus on their back, some dogs love to sleep with their head raised on a ‘pillow’ rather than flat.
  • Dogs that like to cuddle when sleeping. Bolster beds are also the favourite choice of dogs who like to ‘nest’ - snuggling into bedding (or their owners!) when taking a snooze.
  • Older dogs like bolster beds because they provide extra security and all-round comfort. 
  • Dogs that suffer with sore joints and muscles also benefit from bolster beds because the raised back and sides gives them extra support.  
Remember, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate size when purchasing a bolster. Due to the edges, a dog too large for your choice will be uncomfortably limited rather than cosily cradled. 
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