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Useful Items For Sporting Dogs

 by jaime on 15 Oct 2014 |
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Sporting dogs are part of a breed group of dogs that commonly hunt birds and small game. Historically, sporting dogs were kept by the noble and elite classes who viewed hunting as a form of entertainment.

Today, you will know sporting dogs as pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels, with around 70 breeds considered a sporting breed - although not all are recognised by all kennel clubs.

Sporting dogs make great companions! They are energetic, require a lot of exercise and are just a great, well-rounded type of dog.

Interestingly, compared to other types of dogs who hunt by detecting scents on the ground, sporting dogs detect scents in the air.

So, if you have a sporting dog and you are interested in tapping into their sporting and hunting abilities then you should check out the following useful items...

Beeper collars
Beeper collars are a very handy device, that allow owners to keep track of their dog's location without distracting them from the task at hand!
Bird launchers
Bird launchers are easy to use systems that help owners train their dogs hunting skills. They are safe and effective and are very quiet so your dog doesn't get spooked.

Duck call
Duck calls are used by owners as a way to lure ducks and other waterfowl. They're a simple device that is made in a variety of materials and are ever-so-handy!

Dummies are great for when dog's are first introduced to the world of hunting. They are used to replicate birds and waterfowl and are a wonderful way to get your dog ready for hunting the real deal.

Tracking devices
Tracking devices are generally equipped with GPS tracking, allowing owners the ability to keep an eye on their dog's movements - it can provide a great deal of reassurance, particularly if you and your dog are just starting out.

Training DVDS
Training DVDs can provide a comprehensive education into the world of hunting, allowing owners (and dogs) to build confidence and get themselves ready to tackle hunting together.

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