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9 Handy Grooming Solutions For Your Dog

 by jaime on 17 Oct 2014 |
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For many dog owners, just mentioning giving their dog a bath can raise stress levels quite considerably. Bath time sounds like fun, but it rarely is when you are stuggling to contain your dog, get them clean and trying to not get the whole house dripping wet and covered in soggy fur.

But it doesn't have to be the dreaded nightmare it often is. With some choice grooming products, bath time can be enjoyable for everyone, yes everyone involved.

1. Booster steps
If your dog has trouble negotiating the bath tub alone, whether because of their size, medical condition, or just general aching bones and joints - having some booster steps to hand can make the whole operation streamlined. What's most excellent about them is that they are durable, non-slip and can be used in other areas of the home or car.

2. Portable bath tub
Doesn't this sound like a dream come true? A portable bath tub, means you can successfully give your dog their much needed bath, but can save the interior of your home from becoming soaked! What's great about a portable tub, is that it can obviously be moved around to where ever your need it to be and it's collapsible so storage and transportation of it is a breeze.

3. K9 shower
Have you ever taken your dog on a walk and its become completely covered in mud, dirt or even sand and then you've had to take them home in this condition in your car? And let's face it - a towel is not much help! Well, why not give them a K9 shower before making your journey home. Hanging from your car window, the K9 shower allows you to rinse off all the dirt and muck your dog has picked up on your adventure. Simply fill it up with warm water before your set off and you're good to go.
4. Miracle De-Shedder
Paws up if you have a problem with shedding. Well, if your dog has a problem with shedding! A common gripe amongst pet owners is trying to stay on top of all that fur that dog's malt. It can be hard work! However products like the Miracle De-Shedder are fortunately on the market to make life much, much easier. Use it alone or attach to a vacuum whilst you easily remove fur from your dog's undercoat.

5. ZoomGroom
For a great all-rounder grooming brush, look no further than the ZoomGroom. From the makers of Kong, the ZoomGroom works like a magnet to remove excess fur, as well as stimulate healthy oils in the skin and capillaries so your dogs coat can look its best.

6. QuickFinder Clipper
Cutting your dog's nails can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you accidently cut too far (ouch!) Genius products like the QuickFinder Clipper means you never have to be fearful again. Sensor technology detects where exactly it is safe for you to trim your dog's nails using a traffic light system, making nail trimming quick and seamless.

7. Shampoo
A good bath isn't a good bath without shampoo. Designed to remove dirt and grime as well as keeping coats shiny and healthy, this range of shampoo comes in a variety of scents and treatments, so you can choose the right one for your dog and their fur.

8. Skin and coat care
Just like us, using intensive treatments can add further vitality and assisted health to your dog's fur. From de-tangling, to conditioning - even deodorising, it is worthwhile considering adding some extra products to your dog's grooming regime.

9. Grooming table
If you spend a lot of time grooming your pet, or if you have an intricate grooming routine, then a grooming table could be the perfect purchase for you. Its non-slip table and ability to keep your dog in once place means you can quickly get through your gooming regime, causing little stress to you or your dog!

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