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How To Pick The Right House For Your Dog

 by jaime on 27 Oct 2014 |
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Never to be underestimated, choosing the right house for your dog is incredibly important.

A good dog house will provide comfort and shelter as well as being a retreat for your dog. And if your pooch is strictly an outdoor dog- then getting their house right is even more important because your dog will need to be protected in extreme weather conditions.

All dogs should have a place to call their own, but if your dog is an outdoor only pooch, then a house really is an absolute must.

If you choose wisely, a dog house should last for many, many, many years - so getting it right in the first place will really pay off for you in the long run.

A good dog house will be safe, quiet and small. Yes, small. When it comes to dog houses, bigger is definitely not better as smaller houses offer the most protection and keeps heat in. To make sure you buy the correct size, here is how you measure up.
  • Measure from the ground to the top of your dog's back. The entrance should be slightly larger than their back. 
  • When inside their house, your dog should be able to turn around completely. To achieve this, measure from your dog's chest to the back of their behind. The house should be 25% bigger than this measurement.
  • Next, measure from the ground to the top of your dog's head. The highest point of the house should be no more than 25% taller.
  • What you are trying to achieve is for your dog to be able to stand up and turn around completely inside their home, but stoop on their way in and out. Before committing to a purchase, you could make a mock up version out of cardboard and see if your proposed measurements are going to be the right ones for your dog.

    Things to consider:
    • If your dog's home is too big, too much body heat will escape.
    • If your dog's home is too small, it just won't be comfortable.
    • Despite being a sturdy structure, raising your dog's home off the ground will add further protection from rain, moisture, snow and insects. This in turn, also adds to the longevity of the home.
    Plastic and wood are the two most common materials used for dog homes. These are some points to consider before choosing what material you want to buy:

    • Lighter
    • Less expensive
    • Easy to transport
    • Easy to clean
    • Usually available in more design options
    • Better protection from the elements
    • Better insulation

    When choosing a dog home, always consider your lifestyle and how and when your dog will use their home.


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