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Why You Should Consider A Dog Life Jacket

 by alexandra on 15 Dec 2014 |
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Dog life jackets? To some people the concept of little life jackets for pets can seem quite funny or even weird but for dog owners it should be something to consider if you frequent beaches, harbors and even rivers. Simply, dog life jackets are a safety mechanism that work just like human life jackets do and the benefits that they provide are numerous and not be underestimated.  

Did you know not all dogs are natural swimmers? Yep, it's true, which is just one of the benefits of getting your dog a life jacket when taking them on aquatic adventures. 

Any dog accompanying you on a water craft will benefit from a life jacket. Pooches on sail boats, fishing boats, race boats or even canoes should have a life jacket on for the same reason humans wear them. You just never know what could happen while aboard, even if you and your dog are strong swimmers. Like your own life jacket, dog life jackets are simply a safety measure that could save your dog's life.

It's important to consider your own dog's preferences and breed as some don't enjoy being anywhere near water or are not naturally confident swimmers. Some breeds that have low body fat such as Greyhounds and Whippets may have a much more difficult time staying afloat - so either avoid involving them in any water activity or if you must, a life jacket should be absolutely essential.

Of course, some breeds love to be in the water, such as the Labradors, Retrievers and of course German Shepherds, but even these breeds can have trouble swimming if they are elderly, sick, overweight and out of shape. Fatigue can set in, and no matter how good of a swimmer they are, they could become tired and have trouble staying afloat. 


Just like us, dogs too can overexert themselves while exerciseing and in the water it could be quite dangerous. Like their human counterparts, some dogs lead a much more sedentary lifestyle these days, and gasping for breath while in water is not a good way to assess fitness levels. This is when a life jacket is handy -it will not only take a load off your dog, they will be able to stay afloat without becoming overly tired.


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