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Clipping Your Cat's Claws - Made Easy

 by alexandra on 10 Feb 2015 |
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Trimming your cat's nails is not an easy task and most people take their cats to the vet or a groomer to do it. However if you are prepared to put in the hard yards it is something you can do in the comfort of your own home. It's best to train your cat to get used to you doing this from a young age. 

Firstly it is important that you use a pet specific nail/claw clipper rather than those made for human use. They are designed to cut through the thicker claw and won't get blunt after two or three nails. You'll be able to find the right one for your pet at your local pet shop.

Make sure your kitty is resting comfortably on your lap or on a flat table where he or she is comfortable. You might consider putting a towel or blanket on the table to give you a bit more stability from slipping.

The correct way to cut the nail is to hold the clippers at a vertical, cutting top to bottom- not across. This is to avoid any splitting or fraying of the nail and is considered generally more comfortable for the cat.

Next, hold a paw in one hand and gently press on the toe pad to extend the claw. Carefully place the clipper on the nail avoiding the pink tissue inside the nail. Aim for the sharp tip to prevent bleeding from occuring. 

Repeat for the rest of the claws. However, if your cat becomes impatient give him or her a break then return to the task. Some find that clipping while their cat is asleep works best as they aren't going to bite, claw or scratch at you but do what works for you and your cat. Others have suggested putting a light towel on the cat's face to sheild it from seeing you clip its claws.

However if you don't find any of these methods work there is no shame in asking a professional for help, after all, that's what they're there for.

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