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How To: Prevent Your Pets From Wrecking Your Belongings

 by alexandra on 06 Feb 2015 |
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Okay, if you're reading this you're probably at your wits end about how to stop this behaviour. You've probably had to farewell your favourite shoes, handbag and even perhaps homewares and furniture. Let's start firstly by telling you it's going to be okay. We can't replace your favourite shoes but we can help you with your pet's destructive behaviour.

Firstly, destructive behaviour in animals is not normal but it's also not something your cat is plotting away as he nibbles on his kibble. Destructive behaviour often happens because your pet is bored or understimulated. You might find that this often happens when you are not home or on days when you don't walk your dog.
If you are going to be out of the house for the majority of the day leaving your pet home alone, then make sure you get in a long walk before you leave them. If you can, try to throw in some time playing with your pooch too. This is so that they return home tired and leaving any excess nervous energy outdoors where it belongs. 

If your pet is still digging, chewing or shredding your belongings then perhaps they are simply bored of being stuck at home alone. Make sure your pet has plenty of interactive toys to play with that can distract him or her from the fact you are not there to play with them.

However not all cases are this simple. Some pets need professional intervention from an animal behaviourist who can determine what it is in your pets environment that is causing this behaviour or if there is something else to it. If you feel this is the way you will have to proceed, your vet will be able to refer you to someone they trust.


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