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Can Your Pet Make You Sick?

 by alexandra on 13 Feb 2015 |
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So you've caught a cold and you're worried about spreading the illness to your pet. Stress less because you can't actually pass on your cold BUT that doesn't mean that your pet can't pass on any infections to you.

Certain illnesses can be spread from pet to pet owner but don't get out your hazmat gear just yet, as not all are transferable and some are more common than others.

There are many ways illnesses can be transmitted, depending on what the ailment is. Roundworm can be caught from infected dogs or cats by touching faeces found in soil, and is caught due to improper handwashing after contact. 
The hookworm parasite can also be ingested in a similar way although it's more commonly contracted when larvae in infected dirt penetrate your bare skin. So remember to wash your hands well when gardening or when handling pet faeces.

This is particularly important for pregnant women as they can contract toxoplasmosis which can lead to birth defects. This is usually caught by handling kitty litter of an infected animal and by also handling raw meat without washing your hands. As a general rule of thumb pregnant women should avoid cleaning their kitty litter and should ask a family member to take over this task.

So how do you avoid getting any other ailments from your pets? Make sure your pet is in good health. Regularly take your pet for check-ups and ensure they are wormed. Take extra precautions such as avoiding kisses on the lips as we're all well aware where those lips have been before. If your pet has any skin conditions, treat them as soon as possible and try to avoid touching and petting them, if you do happen to touch them. Importantly, maintain the utmost amount of hygeine by washing hands frequently with anti-bacterial hand wash.


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